The ONE HEALTH concept aims to improve the health of animals, humans and the environment by considering the three entities as interlinked and affecting each other. With 60% of human diseases having animal origin and the current situation in South Africa with regard to environmental health, one can just predict that animal health is not what it should be either. Just consider the current situation with foot and mouth disease, brucellosis and cholera in the country.
For this assignment you need to write an essay on ONE HEALTH and how the concept could be or should be implemented to address the current situation of brucellosis (a serious zoönosis) in South Africa.
• The assignment should deal with aspects such as:
o ONE HEALTH implementation to deal with brucellosis as a zoonosis
 Is the human doctors aware of the disease and its dangers
 Is the public health aware of the disease
 Is it really such a big issue? How many people may be exposed to contaminated milk?
 Should zoonotic diseases not enjoy the same media coverage as for example cholera?
o Practical ways of controlling brucellosis in South Africa
 Is there an efficient control system active in South Africa or is it just in certain provinces
• The assignment should NOT deal with the aetiology, origin, history, first cases and or symptoms and treatment of brucellosis. If I read about Malta Fever and the Island of Malta in your assignment you will lose marks. I DO NOT want an assignment about brucellosis the disease. It should be about ONE HEALTH – and brucellosis the zoonosis.
• I discussed in class and during the lecture the assignment need to be philosophical BUT ALSO practical and applicable.
• You need to do research about countries such as New Zealand that eradicated brucellosis and come up with practical suggestions, but also remember we are in a country where human-, animal- and environmental health is NOT OK.

Answer to Above Question on One Health Implementation

Answer: One health concept is an important concept that combines three important areas such as human, animal and environmental health. The implementation of this particular concept in South Africa is significant because there are a number of health related diseases that occur from animals and thereby affect human health. The main focus of analysis in this essay is on applying the concept of one health on the issue of brucellosis which is a serious zoonotic disease in South Africa.

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