Coastal Shipping or Short Sea Shipping (SSS) is defined as maritime transport within a region (Cabotage). European Union have implemented a successful Short Sea Shipping model that is being reviewed by many countries including Australia and America for their implementation. You are requested to advise South African government and policy makers on a suitable Short Sea Shipping model/ Strategy for the country. Consider well established models and academic literature to support your recommended model/ strategy for SSS and consider implementation strategy in your recommendations.

The aim is to help students develop appreciation for coastal shipping and it impact on the overall cargo transportation strategy for the country.

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Short Sea Shipping (SSS) is generally defined as a type of maritime transport of goods for relatively short distances and this is completely different to Intercontinental cross ocean deep sea shipping. It is generally the operative level of two ports that defines the feasibility in implementing SSS. In the given scenario of South Africa implementing SSS, a proper strategy is required evaluating the possibility of deploying SSS across its different small ports. The most effective SSS model that can be considered in South Africa is…..

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