Mr Khumalo and Mrs Smith own their own auditing firm. They have around thirty years of experience between the both of them. Their business has expanded to five other African countries with their latest branch opening in Kenya. They have entrusted the running of this branch to regional manager Mr Karrim, who has extensive knowledge of the Kenyan market, he together with marketing manager Mrs Bayer have to create a new marketing strategy for the branch.

Classify each of the managers from the extract above according to their level of management, positions and responsibilities for the accounting firm mentioned above. (10)
Highlight with examples the three types of skills managers at all levels should possess. (9)
Detemine what other functional areas the branch will require aside from
the marketing department. (5)
Outline the level of planning managers at various levels portray. (6)
With the aid of examples, explain how each of the following organising functions can assist management:
Chain of command (5)
Delegation (5)

The business environment comprises of the micro, market and makro environments.
In light of this and with the aid of examples discuss each of the factors mentioned below:
Economic (5)
Technological (5)
Customers (5)
Competition (5)
Explain the importance of conducting an environmental analysis. Use
examples to support your answers. (10)

The Classical Management School emerged during the early 1900s and was influenced by the economic, technical and cultural changes which were brought about as a result of the industrial revolution and the introduction of steam power (Cronjé, et al 2004); Jones, George & Hill, 1998).
In light of the above discuss and apply the principles of the Classical management school of thought to current business practices.

Answers to Above Questions on Management

Answer 1: The classification of management is usually done into three major types such as top level management, middle level management and lower level management. In the given case scenario of Mr Khumalo and Mrs Smith, the classification of managers in the accounting form can be done into top level management that comprises of Mr Khumalo and Mrs Smith, middle level management with include Mr Karrim (the regional manager) and the lower level management that include Mrs Bayer (the marketing manager) in the organisation.

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