When reading the case study, it can be noticed that Boeing has decided to take a new approach to create a competitive advantage. Considering this statement, discuss Boeing’s competitive environment by addressing each of the following topics in your report.


Provide an analysis of the market structure in which Boeing operates.


Analyse the strategic sourcing problems encountered by Boeing as outlined in the case study. In your analysis, explain the root cause of these problems and propose possible solutions to each problem.


Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces competitive position analysis based on Boeing. Use the following sub-headings to structure this section of your report:

  1. a) Analyse each of the Five Competitive Forces from the perspective of Boeing.
  2. b) Classify each of the Five Forces according to its relative impact on Boeing’s competitive position (e.g., High impact, medium impact, low impact) and justify your classification.

*Note: To write this section of your report, you may need to consult additional resources. Please remember to include these resources in your list of references. Also, remember that copying and pasting directly from a source is considered plagiarism; you must write the report in your own words.


The case study states that Boeing needed to manage 50-plus suppliers from 130 locations, which proved challenging, resulting in “some serious quality control issues.” Considering this statement, discuss Boeing’s supplier management by addressing each of the following topics in your report.


Advise Boeing on the factors influencing how much attention supply management should commit to managing supplier quality. In your report, comment on how each element should have been managed to avoid the quality issues Boeing experienced.


According to the case study, Boeing tried to regain control of its supply chain by rationalising its supply base. In your report, address three advantages and three possible risks Boeing could experience by rationalising its supply base.


To finalise your report, you must ensure that you comply with all the technical requirements. The following section outlines the technical specifications of your report.

Now that you have concluded the content of your report add the following elements to create a well-structured report that can be presented to Boeing.

– A short introduction explaining the contents of your report (not exceeding 200 words).

– A short conclusion outlining the findings of your report and any final recommendations you might have (not exceeding 200 words).

Topic C2 [2 MARKS]

Please ensure that your report includes the following:

– You have used the correct cover page

– Your report has a Table of contents

– Your report is structured based on the Topic list provided (Be sure to use heading and sub-headings and indicate in your report which Topic you are addressing)

– Your report does not exceed ten pages (excluding the cover page and reference list).

– Your report is free of grammar and spelling mistakes

Answers to Above Questions on Boeing Case Study

Market structure is all about the classification of industries in accordance with their degree and nature of competition for production and services. The different types of market structure are perfect competition, oligopolistic market, monopolistic market and monopolistic competition. The classification of an industry into a particular market structure is possible based on its characteristics. In the case of the airline industry, it is evaluated that the most significant companies that occupy the majority of the market share are Airbus and Boeing. Based on this market characteristic, the market structure of Boeing can be classified as oligopoly because in case of oligopoly market structure there is no clarity about the number of firms, and 3-5 dominant firms account for the majority of the market share and compete with each other……


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