PART 1 — Media Culture (Marks: 25)
The production of culture is organised into visual, verbal, non-verbal and/or sensory codes. These codes then find expression in the form of texts (discourses), such as television programmes, film, newspaper articles, poems, music lyrics and so on (Lemon 2001). We each interpret these texts or discourses differently because as individuals, we are unique due to the variables such as race, language, age, social class, gender, attitudes, and values.

Study the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s programming schedule and mandate. Select at least one episode of a show (this could be a news; current affairs show or music show) from any SABC channel. You can access SABC shows on, DSTV Encore channel or even YouTube.

With reference to the genre of your choice, write an essay of between 800-1000 words in which you:
Demonstrate how the SABC represents the diversity of South Africa’s cultures through its programming. Draw examples from your chosen show and use media culture theories and concepts to unpack this. You are required to provide a link for your lecturer to your chosen show to enable them to refer it.

PART 2 — The ideological power of the media. (Marks: 25)
“When we use the concept of ideology whether in our everyday discussion or in the social science, we encounter a concept that is elusive and has different uses and shades of meaning. The problem may be that in popular use,the term “ideology” has acquired a negative connotation and is used to denigrate and criticize ideas,attitudes,values,belief systems or worldviews that are held by another particular group of people-a group that the speaker does not like or does not agree with (Fourie,2017:308-309)

Select an opinion piece or an editorial of your choice from any South African online newspaper. The article should not be older than three years. Write an essay of between 800-1000 words in which you discuss the dominant ideology found within your chosen text. Discuss which theory of ideology can be used to analyse this text. Elaborate on which reading position the writer and the reader of the article assume. Ensure to include a link to your article in your essay for your lecturer to refer to it when marking.

PART 3 — The Public sphere in contemporary society (Marks: 25)
Read the scenario below and answer the question that follow Scenario
You are having lunch with two of your classmates named Zama and Angela after your final exam. While waiting for your food to be brought to your table, Zama goes on Twitter to check what people are discussing on the site. One of the number one topic that is trending is on the issue of loadshedding and high electricity prices. People from various societal class, backgrounds and professions are discussing how loadshedding can be solved and commenting on its impact on their lives. You and Zama begin discussing the loadshedding hashtag and Angela comments on how this discussion on twitter reminds her of Habermas’ concept of the public sphere that you all have studied in your Media studies module. She further goes on to assert that to her Twitter is a modern-day public sphere as it creates a forum for critical debates. Zama argues that for her Twitter represents a decline of the public sphere as it is not a forum for critical and rational debate but more of an instrument for the manipulation of public discourse and narrative by influencers and political elites.

PART 4 — The Effects of Mass Communication (Marks: 25)
For the past two years the Corona virus has wreaked havoc throughout the world, and it was a race against time between various researchers and medical institutions to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Various campaigns across the world were subsequently created to encourage people to wear a mask and vaccinate with South Africa leading the pack in Africa with their #Getyourshot and #Returntoplay campaigns. These vaccination campaigns affected people’s behaviour and thinking towards the virus. Watch one such campaign advert from Stanford Medicine below:
Source: Stanford Medicine 2021. COVID-19 Vaccine Bringing us together. Available ]Online] at: Accessed 28 July 2022

Write an 800–1000-word essay in which you discuss the media ‘s effect on society during the Corona virus pandemic. Your essay must:
Explain which category of media effects campaigns like the above fall under.
Use at least two media effects theories (short & long term) to discuss the above advert.

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