Mega Steels Struggle in Developing Project Managers Comprehend Research Methods

Donald Peters the human resource manager for Mega Steels was confronting a difficult situation in trying to develop the project managers in comprehending the research techniques module. Mega Steel is a steel manufacturer that was established in 1995. Steel manufacturing and distribution, both locally and globally, are its primary competencies. In an executive meeting, the company’s leadership decided that all project managers would receive research methodology training in order to increase their confidence in conquering untapped areas.

Professor Adolf was thus selected as the initiative’s chief of training and development to ensure that it was carried out efficiently and effectively. In his first session, the former made it obvious that listening to the radio, watching TV, or reading newspapers makes it difficult to ignore the word “research.” The results of research are critical in the decision- making process for becoming a full project manager. He also emphasized that gaining knowledge through research includes more than simply reading a few books or articles, speaking with a few individuals, and asking them questions. While data collection is an important aspect of the investigation process, it is not regarded an investigation unless it is done in a methodical manner and with a specific goal in mind.

As the program progressed, Professor Adolf noticed that the project managers were having an insurmountable number of difficulties understanding specific components of the research approach. Despite the fact that the project managers appeared to be struggling with the training, he clarified that business and management research is a methodical investigation into business and management. When the training was translated into business and management, the project managers seemed to understand it. Using sophisticated diagnostic techniques, Professor Adolf determined that the project managers were having difficulty with the following issues:

  • The nature of business and management research
  • The formulation and clarifying of the research topic
  • Critically reviewing the literature
  • Understanding common research philosophies and approaches; and
  • Formulating the research design.

Professor Adolf devised a five-point strategy for dealing with the issues mentioned. Donald Peters was sent a report outlining the issues that had been found as well as the steps that would be done to decrease the risk of failure in project management training.

Question 1          [15 marks]

Identify an organisation of choice and use the problems identified in the case study to determine the approaches that the leadership of the organisation would deploy to alleviate those problems.

Question 2         [15 marks]

It is expected that professor Adolf in his five-point strategy (as he tries to address the identified problems) would clarify to the project managers that critically reviewing the literature would serve as the foundation for the research. In light of this, conduct an evaluate of the contents of the critical review.

Answers to Above Questions on Project Management

Answer 1: The leadership of an organisation plays an important role in leading the entire organisation to success. The leaders are responsible for adapting different approaches essential as per project demands. In the given case study on Mega Steels, it is evaluated that the project managers were not competent enough in understanding the specific components of the research approach. The lack of training to the project managers in business and management related activities is identified as the prime cause of the problem in the given case study. In this relation, the problems identified in the case study are utilised in an organisation, in order to determine the approaches that leadership need to deploy in order to elevate those problems. The organisation selected is….

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