Establishing and Applying a Leadership Style to an Organization and the Actions to Take

As it has been presented during the last four weeks, there are several strategic leadership styles that leaders can follow. Moreover, this has an impact on the strategic management process but it also depends on the actions that the top management team takes to ensure effective leadership within a business. Having this in mind, you are required to prepare an essay regarding strategic leadership. More specifically, you are to consider yourself as a NEW senior manager in an organisation operating in your hometown, having 57 employees under your leadership. You are required to suggest the type of leadership you should use as a new senior manager in the company in order to effectively lead your employees and extract from them 100% of their productivity. Please critically explain why you would use the chosen leadership style and what are the actions that you would take.

Answers to Above Questions on Leadership

Leadership is defined as the ability of an individual to influence others in order to accomplish certain specific goals. There are different types of leadership styles that define the characteristics of an individual. In order to effectively lead an organisation, that I would use as a new senior management is transformational leadership style. It is an important leadership style that encourages and inspires employees to innovate and develop new ways to achieve organisational goals.


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