Management can be considered as the organisation and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives. In light of the above answer the questions that follow:

1.1Categorise management information according to their levels in an organisation. Your discussion should include functions, responsibilities, positions held and time frames. (15)
1.2 Outline the various roles that managers are responsible apart from planning, organising, leading and control. Provide examples to support your answer. (15)
1.2 Explain the importance of management for an organisation. (10)

Conduct an environmental analysis for an accounting firm to be opened in the central business district. The analysis should include examples and a discussion on each of the following sub- environments below.
2.1 Micro environment (10)
2.2 Market environment (10)
2.3 Macro environment (10)

3.1 With the aid of examples differentiate between the three types of planning. (12)
3.2 Critically discuss how management can use responsibility and authority and delegation to keep employees engaged and productive. (8)
3.3 Leadership comprises a number of elements, with the aid of examples discuss each of
these elements. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Marketing Management

Answer 1: There are three levels in which the management information can be categorised into an organisation and these are defined as strategic, tactical and operational. The roles and responsibilities including the functions are different across different levels, and with respect to each of these three different levels, they are defined as follows:

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