Question 1 [19 Marks]

Read the fictitious scenario below and answer questions 1.1 and 1.2 that follow.

You find yourself in the role of a strategic consultant tasked with reshaping “EcoTrend,” a sustainable fashion brand, to appeal to the younger demographic. Your goal is to devise innovative strategies to establish EcoTrend as a top choice for eco-conscious youth.

*Fictitious scenario

1.1. Describe how EcoTrend can utilise the strategies of flexibility and distribution to position itself as a leading choice for young consumers in sustainable fashion, ensuring a strong competitive advantage. (2+2=4 marks)

1.2. As a consultant, discuss the five (5) key factors influencing consumer involvement with your colleagues. In your explanation, provide practical examples to help EcoTrend effectively enhance consumer engagement in marketing their eco-conscious products. (5×3=15 marks)

Question 2 [25 Marks]

Refer to the fictitious advertisement below and answer questions 2.1.1 to 2.1.3 that follow.

FitFlex Apparel

Elevate Your Performance: Where Compression Meets Innovation!

2.1. In the busy fitness fashion industry, FitFlex Apparel, a well-known innovative brand, is about to launch its new line of workout clothes called ‘CircuFit.’ This collection is created with advanced compression technology to improve blood circulation during exercises.


2.1.1. Applying the four (4) P’s, discuss how FitFlex can market its compression workout clothing to improve circulation to target health-conscious consumers effectively. (4×2 = 8 marks)

2.1.2. Considering the unpredictable external environment, identify and explain one (1) challenge and one (1) opportunity in the market environment and the macro environment that FitFlex Apparel might encounter. (4+4 = 8 marks)

2.1.3. Name a real-life example of a laid-back competitor for FitFlex Apparel and briefly explain why it qualifies as a laid-back competitor. (1 mark)

Read the fictitious scenario below and answer question 2.2 that follows.

You are a marketing manager at a multinational corporation looking to hire a new team lead for a diverse group of employees. The company values a balance of experience, adaptability, and inclusive leadership qualities. The ideal candidate should be able to bridge the generation gap within the team and foster a collaborative work environment.

*Fictitious scenario

2.2. Given the team’s varied age range, describe the two (2) generational categories you would target and why. Your selected categories need to ensure the selected candidate can effectively bridge the generation gap and promote a harmonious and collaborative atmosphere among employees.(2 +(3+3)= 8 Marks)

Question 3 [12 Marks]

“It is important to realise that most firms are more likely to be taken by surprise and hit hard by latent competitors than by current competitors whose patterns of marketing behaviour are largely predictable. It is against this background that a firm should view competition operating at four (4) levels ranging from narrow to broad”


In light of this, describe the four (4) levels of competition ranging from narrow to broad, and discuss how these levels impact businesses in the South African headphone market. (4×3= 12 marks)

Question 4 [23 Marks] Read the fictitious scenario below and answer questions 4.1 and 4.2 that follow.

Sarah, a young professional, recently moved to a bustling metropolis for her new job. She does not own a car and currently relies on public transportation and rideshare services to commute. However, she finds the existing options inconvenient and time-consuming. She is considering buying a vehicle to make her daily commute more efficient.

*Fictitious scenario

4.1. Considering Sarah’s need for a more efficient daily commute in a new city, explain how she can navigate the consumer decision-making process to choose the most suitable car. (5×3 = 15 marks)

4.2. Curtis, a local entrepreneur, heard about Sarah’s search for a more efficient commute and decided to enter the market by offering a new solution to address her transportation needs.
With this in mind, identify and answer the four (4) questions Curtis needs to develop to compete within the transportation market. (4×2 = 8 marks)

Question 5 [21 Marks]

You are a marketing strategist for a company specialising in eco-friendly home products. Your company wants to segment the market to target potential customers effectively.


Utilise the seven (7) steps in segmenting a market to target your potential customers effectively. You are also required to explain how each step explicitly applies to the eco-friendly home products industry. (7×3 =21 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Marketing Management

Answer 1: EcoTrend needs to make use of the strategy of flexibility and distribution in order to position itself as a leading choice among young consumers in sustainable fashion. This can be possible by way of EcoTrend emphasizing on flexibility in its product offerings, and maintaining Agile supply chain and distribution network so that the needs and expectations of young customers can be made out effectively.

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