The South African printing sector plays an important and valuable role in the economy by providing jobs and generating annual revenue. Many local printing companies are SMEs that employ fewer than 20 people.

QuickPrint was established two years ago by two brothers and is conveniently situated in a busy street in Paarl. Their goal is to ensure that their clients have a great experience while providing a variety of services at a great price.

Since opening in 2020 QuickPrint has had no advertising and relies mainly on walk-in and word-of-mouth business. There are two more printing companies in Paarl, Printit and Inkit. These two companies have been around for years, are well-established and advertise regularly in the local media.

The owners of QuickPrint have decided that after being in business for two years it is now time to embark on a massive advertising campaign as well as getting involved with some community projects. However, there is a lack of understanding and information about the strength of their brand (vs the two competitors). A detailed analysis of the strength of the brand, usage and image perceptions is required before the development of a branding strategy and advertising campaign can begin.

They approached Impacto to assist with a market research project. See below for specific details about the survey:

Primary Objective: Establish the strength of the brand vs its major competitors regarding brand awareness and image perceptions. This will guide and influence the development of a new brand strategy and company identity.

Secondary objective1: Measure brand awareness (top-of-mind awareness)

Secondary objective 2: Measure brand penetration, e.g. usage of the brand Secondary objective 3: Measure brand loyalty
Secondary objective 4: Measure brand image/ perception.

Methodology: Impacto conducted personal interviews with customers of each of the three brands. A customer was defined as an adult, between the ages of 30 and 50 years who used the services of the specific print shop at least once in the month of interviewing.

Sampling: Impacto interviewed customers (during the last week of the month) as they left the respective stores. All the respondents interviewed met the sample qualifying criteria. See below the number of customers for each of the printing companies interviewed.
90 Printit customers
105 QuickPrint customers
100 Inkit customers.

Analysis: It is important to establish the brand strength of each of the three printing companies. The differences and similarities between the three brands will be used to identify weaknesses and strengths which will guide the development of the new branding strategy.

Questionnaire: Below is a copy of the questionnaire.

QuickPrint Branding Questionnaire

Question 1: There are quite a few printing companies in this town. Which of the following printing companies are you aware of? You can mention as many as you are aware of.

ABC Printing 1
Inkit 2
Printit 3
QuickPrint 4

Question 2: How many times in this last month did you make use of any of the services offered by this printing company?

Once 1
2 – 3 times 2
4 – 5 times 3
More than 5 times 4

Question 3: Below is a list of services offered by your printing company. Please indicate for each of these services offered whether you made used of this service during the last month.

  Yes No
Printing flyers 1 2
Printing documents 1 2
Printing business cards 1 2
Making photocopies 1 2

Question 4: Below is a list of three reasons why people make use of a specific printing company. Please rank these services in order of importance where 1 = the least important and 3 = the most important.

Quick turnaround time  
Wide range of services available  
Cheapest price  

Question 5: How likely are you to consider using the services of another printing company?

Highly unlikely 1
Unlikely 2
Neutral 3
Likely 4
Highly likely 5

Question 6: Will you recommend the services of your printing company to your friends, family and/or colleagues?

Yes, will recommend 1
Unsure 2
No, will not recommend 3

Question 7: Below are a few statements regarding printing companies’ images. Think about your printing company and rate them on a scale of 1 – 5 where 1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = average, 4 = good and 5 = very good

  Very poor Poor Average Good Very good
7.1 The leader in technology 1 2 3 4 5
7.2 Advanced printing techniques 1 2 3 4 5
7.3 Overall customer services 1 2 3 4 5

Follow the following steps to complete this assignment:

STEP 1: Read carefully through the scenario above.

STEP 2: Download the Excel data spreadsheet containing the captured data for the completed survey.

STEP 3: Answer questions 1 and 2 in a Word document (converted into a PDF document).

STEP 4: Answer question 3 in a PowerPoint document (converted into a PDF document).

Question 1

Analyse the data for each question by calculating percentages or averages. It is important to analyse the data in such a way that you will be able to highlight similarities and differences in the executive summary (assignment question 2) and the presentation (assignment question 3). (12)

One (1) mark per question will be awarded provided all three answers (for each printing company) are correct. Rounding is allowed provided it is correct. No need to show calculation steps (to get to the final answer) as NO MARKS will be awarded for the calculation steps.

Question 2

Write a two (2) page executive summary covering the main findings of the research as well as a conclusion and a recommendation. (10)

Make sure that you cover all the aspects of an executive summary as per your study guide.

Question 3

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation covering all the aspects of a presentation. (23)

Answers to Above Questions on Market Research Project

Answer 1: As per the information given in the above case study, I am aware of 3 companies such as Inkit,  Printit and QuickPrint.


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