Carefully consider the recent news stories/pieces (relating to shares in Mantengu Mining Ltd and the resignation of the Bytes CEO – provided on Blackboard) and write a comprehensive essay (1) setting out the facts and (regulatory/problematic) issues with precision; (2) analysing/ discussing the applicable law (legal rules and regulations) as well as the underlying public policy / objectives / concerns; and (3) identifying areas of weakness in the legal/institutional framework and suggesting possible reforms (if any).


“The regulation and supervision of securities markets and of financial institutions/individuals that are actors/players in those markets seeks to respond to the atrocities and market failures that can arise due to the particular nature of risks and challenges in the financial services sector”. (Anonymous)

Using the content of the above quote as your point of departure, write a reflective and lucid essay discussing the soundness/appropriateness (areas of strength and weakness) of South Africa’s newly adopted ‘Twin-Peaks’ model of financial markets regulation and related statutory provisions.

Answers to Above Law Questions

Answer 1: An analysis of the stories about Mantengu Mining Limited indicates the fact that the CEO of the company Neil Murphy has resigned from the position because there has been an identification of a number of trades being carried out of the firm’s shares. Those trades were not disclosed to the company or the market and it is not in compliance with the PDMR disclosure requirements.


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