Question 1: 

You are required to either visit your local Magistrate Court or consult with a litigation attorney or advocate and write a report on court proceedings, processes, and etiquette. You will further also be required to ask the Clerk of the Magistrate Court or the attorney you consulted with, for a stamp with the date that you attended court or consulted with them as proof of your attendance of court or attendance of the consultation. This proof of attendance needs to be placed at the end of this question on your assignment.

Your report should be constructed and address the content as provided here below:

Introduction: Provide an overview of the court system and the purpose of your report. You must confirm which court you are reporting on and where in the hierarchy of courts this court is situated and what this means in terms of the orders and judgements that can be issued by the court and to which it is bound.

Courtroom observation: Describe the courtroom layout, seating arrangement, dress code of the legal professionals, and the behaviour and demeanour of the judge, attorneys, prosecutor, and defence attorney (if applicable).

Court proceedings: Describe the types of cases heard in the court, the roles of the legal professionals, and the procedures and rules of the court.

Analysis: Analyse your observations and experiences during the court visit or while conducting the interview and provide your thoughts and opinions on the court system and its procedures.

Conclusion: Summarise your findings and provide recommendations for improvement to the court system.

Proof of attendance: Clerk of the Court’s stamp with date of attendance or date received stamp from attorney also stating the date of the consultation

Marks will be awarded on the basis of:

• Report content and structure (5 marks)
• Language use and style of writing (5 marks)
• Insight and analysis (5 marks)

Question 2: 

Assess the main themes highlighted in Bentley and Squelch’s article ‘Employer Perspectives on Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attributes for Law Graduates to Work in a Global Context’. Write an essay on this article in which you asses and analyse the attributes law students require in the workplace and in a global context.

The following rubric will be used in grading this question:

Criteria Description Marks
Understanding Demonstrates a clear understanding of the key attributes 4 and implications presented in the article.
Analysis Provides a thoughtful analysis of how the law graduates 6 should conduct themselves and which skills they should possess in a global context.
Evidence Supports arguments and analysis with relevant evidence 4 from the article and provides clear evidence for opinions.
Structure Organises the essay in a logical and coherent manner, 2 with clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Clarity Communicates ideas effectively, with clear and concise 2 writing, appropriate use of terminology, and proper
grammar and punctuation.
Overall Overall quality of the essay, including coherence, depth 2 of analysis, and integration of different perspectives.

Question 3 (15 marks)

Your client Mr. ABC has been caught with Cannabis. He requests a consultation with you to discuss his legal position and what defences (if any) he may have.
3.1 Write out what you will say to Mr. ABC upon calling him to set up a consultation.
Your answer should not be theoretical but practical and thus confirm what information will be provided to your client upon contacting him telephonically to set up the first consultation. (10)

3.2 Taking into account the South African legal position regarding use and possession of cannabis , specifically the proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, consider what facts you will need to address in court, to assist Mr. ABC in a suitable defence and based thereon make a list of at least 5 questions you will ask Mr. ABC at your first consultation to obtain the necessary information to assist him. (5)

Take note that the question is not concerned with the arrest itself or any aspect of criminal procedure and should focus on facts that may assist your client in avoiding criminal charges given the proposed Bill.
Marks will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated ability to
• Locate proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill
• Read and understand relevant and applicable provisions of Cannabis for Private
Purposes Bill
• Identify, based on relevant and applicable provisions of Cannabis for Private
Purposes Bill, relevant facts and issues to be addressed to assist the client
• Derive appropriate questions to confirm facts and issues to be addressed based on relevant and applicable provisions of Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

Answers to Above Questions on Legal Skills

Answer 1: Upon visiting a local magistrate court in South Africa, there is a significant amount of learning gain from the process. The purpose of the visit is to get an overview of how the court proceedings are carried out, the processes being followed in the ways in which etiquettes are followed. Upon observing the court, it is evaluated that the judge was seated at the front, and there were legal professionals, attorneys, prosecutors and defence attorneys seated along with the judge.


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