1.1 Explain why respiratory viral diseases are so difficult to control. In your response, outline the influence that the viral diseases have on the development of vaccines to prevent these diseases. (10)

1.2 In your own words, explain what “herd immunity’’ is and how it relates to mandatory vaccination. (10)


2.1 Discuss how Vibrio cholerae uses quorum sensing for pathogenesis. (10)

2.2 In the eighteenth-century, Edward Jenner first injected a child with a totally untested smallpox vaccine and then, after a time, injected that child with living smallpox virus. Describe what would be the likely reaction to someone performing a similar experiment today. In your response, discuss how you think a scientist of today would test a potential new vaccine. (10)

Your neighbour has recently been diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma) and is undergoing chemotherapy. He has been instructed not to eat anything uncooked, including raw vegetables, meat, or fish. Your neighbour is not sure why this is the case but knows that you have been taking an advanced medical microbiology class and asks you to explain why the doctor gave him such instructions. Present a logical argument on why he has been instructed not to eat anything that has not been cooked.


Write a literature review on the following: Challenges facing Africa’s primary healthcare systems.

NB: (i) Your literature review must not exceed TWO (2) pages (ii) Make use of subheadings to structure your literature review. (iii) Consider making use of peer reviewed journal articles and other acceptable scientific materials as your sources (preferably published less than 15 years back) (iv) always make citations of your sources in the text. (v) Make use of the third page to list your references (using Harvard referencing style).

Answers to Above Questions on Microbiology

Answer 1: It is very difficult to control respiratory viral diseases because of a number of factors that affect their management and prevention efforts. The most important factor is the high mutation rates of respiratory viruses such as influenza and Corona. As a result of this, it is possible for them to eavade from the immune system of the body by way of making frequent changes in the viral antigens that are targeted by vaccines.


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