Essay Topics

1. Restorative justice as an alternative form of punishment in the South African criminal justice system: an analysis of Director of Public Prosecutions v Thabethe 619/10 [2011] ZASCA 186 (30 September 2011).

2. A critical analysis of the restorative justice procedures in the Child Justice Act 75 of
2008 with reference to Centre for Child Law v Director of Public Prosecutions 210/21 [2022] ZACC 35 (29 September 2022).

3. An overview of Victim Offender Dialogue as a restorative justice measure in criminal proceedings in South Africa, including its importance in the application for parole.

4. An overview of the application of restorative justice in the different stages of criminal justice: pre-reporting, pre-trial, post-sentence.

Answers to Above Questions on Legal Research Methodology

Answer 1: Restorative justice is an alternative form of punishment in the South African criminal justice system and this particular approach emphasizes on rehabilitation of offenders, and also encourages community involvement in the resolution of criminal cases.

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