Question 1 (15 marks)

You are the HR Generalist at TOPS Attorneys in Midrand, management have identified from recent surveys done amongst the staff and based on the suggestion box at reception that the firm can benefit with appointing an experienced Office Manager. You need to draft a job description to start the recruitment process. As a minimum your job description should contain the following: description of the role, key responsibilities, requirements for the candidate. Insight marks will also be given for students that have included additional and useful information.

Question 2 (20 marks)

You are required to do some research and discuss how critical the procurement function is to the overall success and profitability of a company. Please remember to use the THRHR referencing method to reference the sources you have used to answer this question.

Question 3 (13 marks)

Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow.

The effect of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) is to make the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) responsible for ensuring that an employer complies with the stipulations of the Act. You are employed by a small steel manufacturing company that provides steel products to India. Two of your colleagues and you are appointed by the CEO as the health and safety representatives of the manufacturing company.
3.1 You as one of the health representatives did not schedule a health committee meeting within the specific time frame required. One of the employees of the company was hurt while working with one of the cutting machines. The employee did not wear the protective gear as required by regulations. His family institutes a civil claim against you as the health representative. Will they be successful with the civil claim? (3)

3.2 One health and safety committee has been established by the company you are employed by. You decide between the three members of the health and safety committee that at least two of you should attend the health and safety committee on a rotating basis. Discuss if the decision is legally possible. (10)

Question 4 (5X2=10 marks)

True/false questions

Consider the following list of statements. Each statement is either true or false. You must read each statement carefully and then select the option that you believe is correct as your answer. In your answer book, write down only the question number and either “True” or “False” next to the number.

Example: If you believe sub-question 4.6 is true, write down: 4.6 True.

4.1 Evaluative reports emphasize the implications to be portrayed from the facts.
Feasibility reports are an example of evaluative reports. (2)

4.2 An employee is defined as any person on the employer’s payroll and excludes
contractors and sub-contractors working for the employer. (2)

4.3 Interdepartmental meetings in an organisation serves as an example of private meetings. (2)

4.4 The notice of a meeting to be held serves to inform the members about the topics to be discussed at the meeting. (2)

4.5 Health and safety committees consist of health and safety representatives representing the employees and representatives of the employer. (2)

Question 5 (14 marks)

5.1 Discuss the different types of reports and provide two (2) examples of each (8)

5.2 List the six (6) steps of the report writing process. (6)

Question 6 (3 marks)

Communication is the central component of all human interaction and relationship building. Briefly discuss physical/technological factors as a barrier to effective communication. Illustrate your answer with a practical example.

Answers to Above Questions on Legal Practice Management

Answer 1: A job description is one of the most important requirements in performing the recruitment process. In the given case scenario, the office manager at TOPS Attorneys have a significant role to play in ensuring the efficient functioning of the organisation. A job description indicating the key responsibility along with the requirements from the candidate are indicated below:

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