You have just been employed as a manager in a company that has been struggling to remain productive. Profits have been declining and the team of employees do not feel motivated. In your new position as the Manager, you have 3 support managers who have not been working as a team that will be reporting to you. Your primary task is to set the company on a new course of efficiency and to help other employees to work at optimal levels.

Question 1 (25 marks)
Given the scenario above, analyse the strategies that can be deployed to assist in winning over the team of new employees and help them to accept you as a manager.

Question 2 (25 marks)
Evaluate the leadership characteristics that would be required to stimulate overall productivity and efficiency in your new company.

Question 3 (25 marks)
Considering that you will be making some changes on how the company operates, discuss potential issues that teams contend with during periods of organisational change and restructuring.

Question 4 (25 marks)
Identify and critically examine the leadership style that would be most suitable under this circumstance.

Answers to Above Questions on Leadership

Answer 1: An analysis of the given scenario indicates that the managers have been struggling in achieving productivity within its employees and this has contributed towards the profitability performance in a negative way and the main reason identified for it is inability of the manager to establish coordination across three support managers. The strategy that can be deployed in order to assist in winning over the team of new employees is to facilitate relationships and open communication between all the managers.

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