Question 1

Employers in South Africa have to deal with alcohol-related issues on a regular basis. This may range from employees arriving at work notably smelling of alcohol, to employees consuming alcohol on the business premises during work hours or even missing full workdays as a direct result of alcohol consumption.


Write an essay in which you discuss whether alcoholism in the work place may be a valid ground for dismissal. You are required to research this topic and motivate your opinion.

NB: Remember that your answer needs to focus on providing the reader with a legal opinion based in law and thus, a discussion of the relevant labour law principles is required.

Answer to Above Question on Labour Law

Answer 1: Alcoholism is considered as a serious problem in the workplace if it is not managed properly. The issue of employees consuming alcohol in the workplace is a major problem in South Africa, and it is important to consider this issue with serious attention. Dismissing employees only because they have consumed alcohol at the workplace cannot be considered fair because it is important to look at a number of factors before making any decision of dismissing employees.

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