Question 1:

Khumalo Solutions is a medium-sized technology company that specializes in software development and IT services. They have decided to transition their on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based environment to improve scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The company aims to migrate its diverse applications, databases, and infrastructure from on-premises data centers to a cloud-based environment. Current Infrastructure it has Applications: Khumalo Solutions utilizes a mix of legacy monolithic applications and modern microservices-based applications to accomplish their day-to-day business. Data Storage: The company manages large volumes of sensitive data, including customer information, financial transactions, research data and customers sensitive data software on their on-premises service. Security Measures: Khumalo Solutions currently employs traditional on-premises security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits. Moving to cloud solutions the company is committed to ensure the security and compliance of its data, especially considering the regulatory requirements of their current customers.

a. Discuss the expected benefits, challenges, and considerations associated with the proposed migration. (10)
b. As a cloud engineer what steps would you take to ensure that the services are running smoothly and efficiently? Please provide a detailed explanation of your approach. (10)
c. Explain the importance of Khumalo solutions to use virtualization in their cloud solution and how it contributes to resource optimization. (10)


2 a. Compare and contrast two major cloud database services (e.g., Amazon RDS, Azure SQL Database) Recommend one for a startup company based on specific requirements and please outline the requirements. (15)

b. In the context of a financial institution dealing with sensitive customer data, propose an appropriate cloud deployment model. Explain your reasoning. (15)


3 a. Discuss the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning services in a cloud environment.
Develop a scenario where cloud-based AI/ML services enhance the functionality of an existing application or service.

Answers to Above Questions on Case Study

Answer 1: There are many benefits available to Khumalo solutions from migrating its infrastructure to a cloud based environment. Such migration would result in a higher level of scalability, and also provide agility to the company in achieving competitiveness and responsiveness towards its customers’ requirements. It will also result in benefit in terms of achieving cost efficiency and provide for enhanced level of security in its operation.

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