Question 1 (Marks: 10)
Jaguar makes use of the transformation process to manufacture vehicles using inputs to transform these into outputs.
Using practical examples through an illustration, demonstrate your understanding of the transformation process in relation to Jaguar.

Question 2 (Marks: 15)
The customer is critical to the success of a product or service and therefore needs to be the core focus when designing the goods or services.
Q.2.1 In your own words, explain any four guidelines Jaguar could use as to the importance of the customer being part of the product and service design.
Note: Marks will be awarded for theory as well as application to Jaguar (12)
Q.2.2 In your opinion, what is the likelihood of Jaguar customising its products in the future? Explain your answer by discussing at least 2 key points. (3)

Question 3 ____ _(Marks: 15)
Q.3.1 There are 4 different Process structures for manufacturing. Explain which process structure is used by Jaguar; ensuring you fully discuss the process structure and giving one (1) fact to justify your answer in relation to Jaguar. (8)
Q.3.2 Forecasting is important as it addresses broad-spectrum commerce, competitiveness, marketplace tendencies, behaviour of demand to name a few. Using an illustration, identify the 6 steps Jaguar would use to forecast for the new SType Jaguar. (7)

Question 4 (Marks: 20)
The product life cycle concept is applicable to both products and services experiencing life cycle phases with defined characteristics.
In your own words, summarise the product life cycle in relation to Jaguar products. You must use an illustration or diagram to help construct a well-rounded answer.

Question 5 (Marks: 20)
Jaguar will be in possession of various types of inventories.
Q.5.1 There are various reasons Jaguar would hold inventory, state any four (4) reasons why Jaguar would be holding inventory. (4)
Q.5.2 Discuss the four (4) different types of inventory Jaguar would possess then include in your answer at least two (2) examples of each of these types of inventories in relation to Jaguar. (16)

Question 6 (Marks: 20)
Q.6.1 To ensure accurate records for inventory, continuous audits are done which are known as cycle counting. List any five advantages of cycle counting. (5)
Q.6.2 Differentiate between Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Economic Production Quantity (EPQ). (5)
Q.6.3 Cohesive supply chains inventory management can be achieved through the continuous improvement of inventory performance. This may be achieved by using two (2) initiatives namely Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) and collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment. (10)
Q.6.3.1 Discuss what is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). (6)
Q.6.3.2 Provide 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of VMI. (4)

Answers to Above Questions on Jaguar Case Study

Answer 1: Every manufacturing unit transforms input into output. The inputs are mainly in the form of raw material which are then processed to produce output. In the given case scenario of Jaguar, the company makes use of a transformation process in order to manufacture vehicles using inputs. The specific process along with the example showing the transformation process in relation to Jaguar manufacturing process is indicated below…..


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