Question 1 (20 Marks)
You have been hired as an IT consultant by a medium-sized corporation. The company is concerned about its environmental impact and is committed to adopting more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. They want to explore the concept of green computing to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.
In the given scenario, as an IT consultant, you are tasked with advising the corporation on how to incorporate green computing principles into its IT infrastructure and practices. Conduct research and provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the description of green computing, why the company should adopt such a policy, and how it can be implemented.

Answer to Above Questions on Green Computing

Answer: The implementation of green computing principles into the IT infrastructure requires the consideration of a number of factors. However it is important to understand the concept of Green Computing, and it basically implies the utilization and disposal of computing devices and systems in an environmentally responsible manner. There are significant advantages of adapting green computing such as environment benefits from such practices, attainment of cost saving, a positive CSR impact, and compliance with regulatory matters.


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