Question 1 [27 Marks]

1.1. Define the concept of an Information System and break down the system into its fundamental components. (3 marks)
1.2. Explain the six (6) fundamental components of Information Systems comprehensively and support your understanding with an example for each component. (6×4=24)

Question 2 [22 Marks]

You are a seasoned IT consultant hired by a multinational manufacturing company which operates in various regions worldwide. The company has made substantial investments in its information system over the years, and now it is seeking an in- depth evaluation of the system.

2.1. Describe how organisations improve productivity using information systems, considering more than work hours. In your description, further explain how these methods make operations more efficient and effective in a company.

2.2. Explain why Return on Investment (ROI) is important for evaluating information systems. (5 marks)

2.3. Explain four (4) key components that help measure the extra profits or benefits of investing in information systems (4×3=12)

Question 3 [6 Marks]

As a sales agent frequently on the move, you find yourself in need of a reliable portable computer to assist with presentations and meetings. Your work requires you to travel regularly, and having a device that strikes the right balance between portability and performance is crucial. At the electronics store, you come across three options: a Laptop, a Notebook, and a Netbook.

Discuss the distinct differences amongst the three (3) most common portable computers. (3×2=6 marks)

Question 4 [29 marks] You are the lead developer on a software project. A junior programmer in your team has built the Application’s complex and powerful core functionality. However, there is a challenge – the software currently lacks a user-friendly interface for end-users. It operates solely through text commands in a command-line interface, posing user difficulties regarding navigation and understanding.

4.1 Explain a User Interface? (5 marks)

4.2 Analyse the different user interfaces and their different functionality (6+6=12 marks)

4.3 Discuss three (3) Pros and Cons three (3) of the NUI( Natural User

Interface). (3+3×2=12 marks)

Question 5 [7 Marks] You are employed as a data analyst in a medium-sized retail company that has been collecting considerable data from diverse sources like sales transactions, customer records, inventory, and customer interactions on the website. Your manager is expressing concerns about the efficiency and performance of data analysis tasks, noticing a slowdown in reporting and data retrieval from the database. She is seeking your expertise in addressing these challenges.

You have decided to implement a Data Warehouse to streamline the data analysis, reporting, and retrieval processes within the retail company.

5.1 Provide a brief definition of a Data Warehouse. (2 marks)

5.2 Discuss five (5) benefits of implementing a Data Warehouse. (5 marks)

Question 6 [9 Marks]

The municipal public utilities department employs you, and you have been tasked to actively seek ways to enhance the waste management system to improve efficiency and environmental sustainability. You have decided to adopt a system that enables real-time communication (i.e. bin transmits its capacity level). This innovation aims to optimise waste collection routes, ultimately reducing fuel consumption through the implementation of the system.

6.1. Briefly define the concept of an Internet of Things (IoT).

6.2. Discuss the four (4) potential applications of this technology to illustrate its versatility.

Answers to Above Questions on Information Systems

Answer 1: Information system comprises a large number of components that are essential in processing the information to the end user in allowing them to make relevant decisions. When it comes to the key important components of an information system, the main components include the hardware, software, database, network, and procedures. An analysis of all these important components of an information system along with an appropriate example is carried out as follows:


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