1) What is IPE? Critically assess what the field of IPE is about and what value does it offer to our understanding of global politics?. Please include relevant examples and theories, and issues in IPE that will add value to your arguments.


2) Critically analyse the trade of ANY specific product or industry (i.e sugar, coffee, mining, aviation). Your analysis should include some of the lessons you have learned while the studying the IPE of global trade, production and global value chains.


3) Critically asses the contributions and the value of any TWO IPE theories to our understanding of the political economy. Please include relevant examples that will help strengthen your arguments.

Answers to Above Questions on International Political Economy

Answer 1: International political economy is all about understanding structures, hierarchies and power dynamics that have a major role to play in regulating the finance and trade. It is there for days study of interactions between market and politics and the ways in which policies affect the market, and market affect the policies.

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