Investec is an international specialist bank and asset manager that provides a diverse range of financial products and services. The company was founded as a leasing company in Johannesburg in 1974 and expanded to serve a select client base in three principal markets, the UK and Europe, South Africa, and Asia/Australia. Today the company has a dual listing in London and Johannesburg and is a FTSE 250 company (the FTSE 250 is an index composed of the 101st to the 350th largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalisation). In the almost 40 years of its existence, the company has grown its capital from less than £1 million to the existing £5.4 billion. From the onset, the founders of the company were committed to building a sustainable business, one that has been able to survive and thrive through all conditions, growing earning from £0,16 million in1981 to £491 million at the end of the 2018 financial year. This business is conscious, not only of their duty to clients and shareholders, but also to employees and the broader community they serve. Investec has a deeply rooted tradition of active corporate citizenship which has been widely recognised internationally.

Investec’s corporate responsibility philosophy is closely guided by their organisational purpose, which is to create sustained long-term wealth. At the heart of their corporate responsibility is a caring approach to their people. The company provides staff with a safe, healthy, and stimulating work environment to ensure that they are motivated and equipped to deliver exceptional customer service. Their approach towards corporate social investment is to provide their beneficiaries with a ‘hand up’
instead of ‘hand-out’. As such, they have focused approach that seeks to make a difference through
entrepreneurship and education.

The aim of CSI projects is to promote lifelong skills development that can contribute towards building and growing economies of countries in which they operate. In South Africa, the company has contributed towards transformation through several projects, amongst them the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme. This programme, launched in March2018, aims to find employment for approximately 1200 youth annually. The company also recognises the challenges that climate change presents to the global economy and thus supports activities that either reduce the impact on or prolongs the life of our planet. Investec’s commitment towards social responsibility, as well as the achievement and recognition of their efforts, are summarised in the figure on the next page.

We care about our PEOPLE We care about our


We care about our


Attracting and developing a strong, diverse, and capable workforce. Unselfishly contributing to our communities through education and


Having a positive environmental impact through our operations and business


1,9% spend on learning and development as a % of staff

costs for Investec plc (2018)

1.2% spend as a %of operating profit for Investec pic (2018) 6,1%     reduction     in     carbon emission for Investec pic (2018)
Recognition and Achievements – 2018 Financial Year


·         Voted    second    most attractive employer by professionals       and fourth by students in South Africa in the 2017Universum awards.

·         Investec CEO, Stephen Koseff won the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by 2018 African banker awards.

Recognition and Achievements – 2018 Financial Year


·         Winner of the following Business Charity Awards: » Community Impact 2017»Business of the Year 2017

·         Winner of the National CSR Award for Best Community (Legacy) Project 2017

·         Winner of the Bromley by Bow partner of the year award

·         The South Africa flagship programme, Promaths contributed to 4,8% and 5,0%

respectively of the

Recognition and Achievements – 2018 Financial Year


·         Trained 195 frontline consultants on environmental, social and governance practices in South Africa and the UK

·         88% of energy lending portfolio relates to clean energy

·         1200 Children reached through the coaching for Conservation programme since 2013

·         Investec Rhino Lifeline has supported the rescue of 70 rhino since 2012


  country’s total mathematics and science distinctions respectively in the 2017 academic year. Since inception of the programme 12 years ago, Investec has funded over 7 000 previously disadvantaged learners with 84% either having completed, or are in the process of completing, tertiary education.

·         Voted South Africa’s eighth most valuable brand

·         Winner of the Financial Innovation Awards 2017- Innovation in Sustainability or Social Responsibility Award for The Success programme run in partnership with Arrival Education

·         R2,5 million spend on water initiatives to ensure the continuation of business in the Cape Town office during the 2017/18 drought

·         The 2 Gresham Street office won the Chairman’s Cup in the Corporation of London’s Clean City Awards Scheme

·         The Energy Management System that covers 23 offices in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands was certified ISO 50001

·         The 2 Gresham Street Office Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001

·         The coordinator of the Investec Coaching for Conservation kids’ programmes at Good Work Foundation won a silver in the Eco-logic Award in the category “Eco-Youth”

Inclusion in world -leading indices (indices that objectively measure the performance of

companies that meet global-recognised standards)



Index 2018 Performance Notes
Carbon Disclosure Project 8 Investec is   a   member   and

Investec Asset Management is a signatory investor

Code for Responsible Investing

in South Africa

Dow Jones Sustainability Investment Index (DJSI) Score out of 100 73 Investec Limited ranked as one of four industry leaders on the DJSI Emerging Markets Index; Investec plc ranked as one of 15

industry leaders on the DJSI


    World and one of nine in the

DJSI Europe indices.

ECPI Index Constitute  
FTSE4 Good Index Included  
FTSE/JSE Responsible

Investment Index Series

MSCI      Global      Sustainability Index Series- Intangible value

assessment rating

STOXX Global   ESG   Leaders


United Nations Global Compact Participant  
United Nations Principles for

Responsible Investment


Investec’s business strategies and decisions are driven by their values and the intention to live in society, and not off it. Clients of this company know that they deal with a sustainable, financially resilient business, which is here for the long term.


1. Evaluate the main drivers of Investec ‘s Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. (30)
2. Analyse how Investec’s CSR programme finds expression in its corporate governance. (30)
3. Examine Investec’s contribution to sustainable development. (30)

Answers to above questions on Corporate Citizen

Answer 1: Businesses in the 21st century are required to operate in a socially responsible manner which implies that they are required to focus on the impact of their business activity on the social environment in which they operate. In the given case scenario of Investec, it is evaluated that the main drivers of the company’s corporate social responsibility program are the mission and vision of the organisation which state that the company has a caring approach towards the people and community in which it operates. The company is highly caring towards the environment, and tries to have no impact on it with its business activities.


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