Question 1:

What are some of the key features and benefits of HTML5, and how do they differ from earlier versions of HTML? How has HTML5 influenced web design and development practices, and what are some of the current trends and best practices for using HTML5 in modern web applications? (10)

What are hyperlinks in HTML5, and how can they be used to create effective navigation and user experiences on the web? What are some best practices and considerations for working with hyperlinks in modern web design? (10)

Question 2

Create an HTML page that includes at least five different types of HTML elements, such as headings, paragraphs, links, images, and lists. For each element, provide a brief description of its purpose and usage. (20)

Question 3

Create a websites HTML 5 for a non-profit organization to make it gain visibility online and attract sponsorship. Demonstrate some creativity in your designs.

(a) The website should have the following pages:

(i) Home page – The home page should have a navigation bar to the other pages and well as the name of the institution you are studying with, its logo and an image. The webpages should have a footer. (10)

(ii) About Us page – This page should have the mission and a vision of Richfield. (10)

(iii) Contact Us page – This page should have the address of Richfield, its contact numbers and social media pages. (10)

(v) Our Qualifications – This webpage should include a relevant image and an unordered list of all qualifications offered at Richfield. (10)

Question 4

Create a table that has project, description, date of completion and stakeholders as the columns. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Web Technology

Answer 1: 

An analysis of the key features of HTML5 indicates that there are two important additions that are made and these include audio and video tags. The use of CSS can be possible in order to style the video element in HTML5, and it is also possible to change opacity, borders, transition, gradients, transformation and animation with the application of CSS. The other advantages include multimedia support, short and simple syntax, improved security features and cross platform support.

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