Question 1 34 Marks

1.1) Social institutional structures contribute to our society. These formalised units, or aspects, of society, may be in the form of organisations (e.g. the army, the police service, educational facilities and prisons), or they may be more informal (e.g. family and marriage). Social institutions typically fall into five main categories: family, economy, religion, education and politics (Farooq, 2012; and Sociology Guide, n.d.).. Discuss each of thefive main categories of social institutions (family, economy, religion, education and politics) using your own words and provide relevant examples for each. (20 Marks)

1.2 Discuss the Non-profit organisations (NPOs), which are also normative organisations. (14 marks)

Question 2 27 Marks

The African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Action SA are four of the leading political parties in South Africa after the municipality elections of 2021. These parties shape the government of the day and influence the country’s political relations. Moreover, during elections, each party campaign is based on its political manifesto that represents a particular philosophy of governance and social ties between citizens. (Examiner compiled)

Guided by the above scenario and what you know about politics in South Africa:

Briefly outline the political strategies and philosophies of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) (18 marks).

In your own words, outline three (3) elements for each political party stated above (DA and EFF) including the African National Congress (ANC) , and discuss what can they do to improve their growth for being the best political party for everyone in South Africa in 2025.

Question 3:

The impact of COVID-19 on medical schemes(extract)
The South African and global healthcare systems have recently come under additional pressure following the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. Efforts of Health systems and providers are focused on delaying the spread of COVID-19 to reduce the risk of hospitals being overwhelmed with cases.


3.1 In light of the above information, identify nine (9) problems faced within the health sector and provide nine (9) ways to improve the health sector.
(32 Marks)

Question 4 7 marks

Discuss three components that form the concept of sociological imagination as mentioned by Mills (1959) See also Oakes and Vidich (1999).
(6 marks)

In your own words, explain the term sociology (1 mark)

Answers to Above Questions on Socio Economics

Answer 1: The five main categories of social institution structures are family, economy, religion, education and politics. An analysis of each of these categories is performed as follows:
Family: Family is defined as an important social institution that has an important role to play in the society. A family is responsible for nurturing and socializing individuals, making them culturally competent by fostering relevant values, and providing adequate support for their overall development.


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