QUESTION 1 (17 Marks)

Watson, Skinner and Pavlov are the principal theorists of this specific school of thought within psychology.

Identify and discuss the school of thought referred to above. (13 marks)

Pavlov believed that behaviour is influenced by unconscious thoughts.

Is the above statement correct or incorrect? (1 mark)

Provide an explanation for your answer to Q. 1.2.1. (3 marks)

QUESTION 2 (6 Marks)

With reference to McCrae & Costa’s five factor model of personality theory, provide three (3) characteristics of the openness factor. (3 marks)

Considering the characteristics of openness given in Q.2.1, choose the characteristic that best describes you, and motivate your choice. (3 marks)

QUESTION 3 (5 Marks)

With the onset of continuous loadshedding at the end of last year, Mr Jones took immediate action and installed solar panels, in the hope of avoiding any loss of income for his business.

Identify and describe Mr. Jones’s leadership style. (5 mark)

QUESTION 4 (11 Marks)

Identify and discuss the psychological school of thought that views humans as “very complex machines”. Your answer must include how this school of thought has contributed to I-O psychology. (11 marks)

QUESTION 5 (15 Marks)

Outline the five (5) principles, according to Weber, which should control the structure of an organisation. (5 marks)

Identify and discuss two (2) contemporary I-O psychology theories that came to the fore at the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century. (10 marks)

QUESTION 6 (11 Marks)

Organisations can use the Self-Determination Theory to understand what motivates their employees.

Differentiate between intrinsically and extrinsically motivated people. (5 marks)

Identify and describe the three (3) core characteristics of an intrinsically motivated employee. (3 x 2 marks = 6 marks)

QUESTION 7 (18 Marks)

At the beginning of the Covid crisis, in March 2020, Norma was assigned to a special work group within her organisation, whose role was to monitor employee’s well-being during the epidemic. Last week Monday, Norma and the rest of the team were notified that their special work group is no longer needed, thanks to the Covid crisis being under control, and that their last day on the
team would be that Friday. All outstanding reports etc. must be completed and submitted by end of day Friday.

With regards to Tuckman’s five stages of group development, identify and discuss the stage Norma is experiencing. (6 marks)

Monica’s organisation encourages employees to enhance their skills and capabilities through further training and development. When Monica enrolled for a course at her local Boston City Campus, her organisation offered to pay for it.

Identify and discuss the theoretical approach Monica’s organisation follows to encourage their employees to enhance their skills and capabilities. (9 marks)

Identify which approach to organisational behaviour you would work best under, provide motivation for your choice. (3 marks)

QUESTION 8 (17 Marks)

John recently completed his Diploma in Marketing at Boston City Campus. After a few months of job hunting, he has found a job (his first) as a marketing consultant for Supreme Logistics.

Identify and discuss the career development stage John is currently at. (9 marks)

Provide three (3) challenges John may be faced with at this stage of his career development. (3 marks)

Explain how performance appraisals benefit both the employee and employer. (5 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Industrial Psychology

Answer 1: An analysis of the school of thought in respect to Watson, Skinner and Pavlov indicates that they represent behaviourism which aims at studying observable behaviour as a part of psychological activity. The main purpose of this particular approach of behaviourism is on understanding the role played by the environment in influencing the behaviour of people and thereby aims to understand the ways in which learning takes place between stimuli and responses.


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