Compulsory ICE TASK 1

Consult the following video and answer the following question.

Video link:‐xdy1Jr2eg

Questions based on video 1:

1. In your own words, explain the purpose of the SDG – 2030

Your lecturer will set the date for the execution and hand‐in of this ICE task.

Compulsory ICE TASK 2

Consult the following video and answer the following question.

Video link:‐xdy1Jr2eg [Accessed 16 June 2022].

1. Explain the role of Education in achieving SDG – 2030

Your lecturer will set the date for the execution and hand‐in of this ICE task.

ACTIVITY 1 (Marks: 60)

Question 1

Q.1.1 Prepare a lesson for a group of 30 Grade 7 learners. The lesson is on the topic

‘Needs and wants’.

* Please consult a Grade 7 textbook or online resource for the content that needs to be taught to the Grade 7 learners.
Select the teaching approach and associated teaching strategy and design a lesson using the notes below. You do not need to use a formal lesson plan.
Include the following:

• What learning outcomes do you want to achieve in your lesson?

• An explanation of the teaching approach that will underpin your lesson;

• What teaching strategy/ies will you choose to best achieve the set learning outcomes?
• A discussion on how you will teach the content and the structure the lesson will follow according to your chosen teaching strategy;(36)

• An explanation of the teaching tools and activities that you will use in your lesson;
• Justification for selecting the particular tools and activities for the lesson;

• The resources that will be needed for the lesson.

Q.1.2 Set a test as a summative assessment based on the following Grade 7 topic:

Financial literacy

Savings; budgets, income and expenses; and accounting concepts

The test will count out of 30 marks. The content selection and the level at which you pitch the test should take into consideration the grade provided. Using Bloom’s taxonomy, the test should consist of the following:

• 30% Knowledge and recall.

• 40% Understanding and application.

• 30% Analyzing, evaluating and creating.

Include a memo for the test with the mark allocation per point and question.

ACTIVITY 2 (Marks: 40)

Entrepreneurial traits; characteristics and skills

As a future EMS teacher, identify a South African entrepreneur you would use to teach entrepreneurship.

Research the entrepreneur and justify your choice by answering the following questions.

Q.2.1 Does the person identified have the following entrepreneurial traits and characteristics?

State yes or no against each of the below and justify your answer:

• Achievement motivation (5);

• Internal locus of control (5);

• Innovation and creativity (5);

• Risk‐taking (5);

Q.2.2 Sustainable business practices

Animated movies such as ‘The Lorax’ are extremely good at conveying messages about sustainability to their target market, i.e., young people.

Identify a resource (movie, game, cartoon, link, etc.) that you would use to teach Grade 7 learners about sustainable business practice or corporate social responsibility.

‐ Provide a brief summary (250‐300 words) of the resource, explaining why this was chosen. A link or image, etc., may be included to make your point, however this is not mandatory.
‐ Discuss how you would use this resource in teaching sustainable business practice or corporate social responsibility and provide details thereof. Word count will vary and is not prescribed.

For example:

‐ Would this be a worksheet?

‐ Would the example be included in PowerPoint slides?

‐ If using a video, what would the follow on or associated task be? This is not a lesson plan.

Answers to Above Questions on Economics and Management 

Answer 1: An analysis of the purpose of sustainable development goals (SDG) 2030 indicates that it aims at establishing a Universal applicable framework in order to deal with the most significant issue and challenge faced by the entire world economy. Some of the main purposes of SDG 2030 include eradication of poverty, quality education, better health and well being, achieving gender equality, reducing inequality.


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