Question 1 (Marks: 100)

Select a large South African business that trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, on which to conduct research and apply the knowledge management theory you have learnt in this module.

Explain any theory in your own words, referencing multiple credible sources, with examples relevant to your chosen business. This application can be based on what the business could or should do, thereby demonstrating your understanding of the theory. Your answer will be in the form of a report, as per the details in the previous Assignment Instructions section.

Q.1.1 Identify and describe the selected business and its position in the knowledge economy. (5)

Q.1.2 Identify and describe what you believe should be the most important driver of knowledge management for the business. Justify your choice.  (5)

Q.1.3 Differentiate between the following knowledge management concepts. Use the following guidelines in your answers:

–    Explain each concept in your own words using at least one academic reference other than your prescribed material.

–    Provide detailed examples of each concept relevant to your selected business.

–    Provide an analysis of the key differences between the concepts.

Use the tables below to present your answers.

  Q.1.3.1 Data, information and knowledge. (15)
    Data Information Knowledge Analysis of the

key differences

Definition and theoretical


(1) (1) (1) (6)
Examples (2) (2) (2)



  Q.1.3.2 Associational and motor skills expertise. (10)


Motor skills


Analysis of the key


Definition and theoretical


(1) (1) (4)
Examples (2) (2)

Q.1.4 Recommend suitable organisation structures to promote knowledge management in the business, as one of the key aspects of the knowledge management infrastructure. Justify your suggestions.  (10)

Q.1.5 Discuss the knowledge discovery process, with application to the selected business. You will receive more marks for your own original examples than for examples in your textbook, from your lecturer, or on Learn.

Include the following in your discussion:

–      An explanation of the knowledge discovery process and its sub-processes.

–      Detailed application of the sub-processes to the business.

illustrative mechanisms and technologies.  (15)

Q.1.6 Analyse the impact knowledge management could have on the business’s employees.  (10)

Q.1.7 Conduct research on AI applications in the industry your business is in. Select an AI use case that your business could benefit from in knowledge application. Briefly summarise your findings with application to your selected business.  (10)

Q.1.8 Suggest areas where storytelling could be effective as a knowledge management mechanism for knowledge capture in the business.  (10) [TOTAL MARKS: 100]

Answers to Above Questions on Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is defined as the process of managing knowledge in an organisation. It involves the creation of knowledge, sharing, using and managing the information with the objective of achieving better outcomes in the organisation. Knowledge management is crucial for an organisation to perform efficiently because it helps in a number of ways stimulating innovation and addressing the cultural changes as required in order to meet out the changing business needs, helps in reducing overall risk in performing business processes etc. In this case study, the South African business that is selected for the purpose of analysis is Shoprite Holdings, and a critical analysis is carried out in respect to its application of knowledge management in  performing business processes. The analysis includes the application of knowledge management concepts, and also utilizes AI applications as utilised by Shoprite Holding in managing business in this competitive environment…….


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