Question 1  (Marks: 60)

Select a business of your choice and explain the following concepts in your own words, referencing sound theory, with examples relevant to your chosen business.

Q.1.1     Intellectual capital  (7)

Q.1.2     Business benefits of knowledge management  (6)

Q.1.3     Employee turnover as a driver for KM  (4)

Q.1.4     Data, information and knowledge  (10)

Q.1.5     Procedural and declarative knowledge  (8)

Q.1.6     Tacit and explicit knowledge (8)

Q.1.7     Context-specific and technically-specific knowledge  (8)

Q.1.8     Locations of knowledge in Organisational Entities  (9)

Question 2  (Marks: 40)

Knowledge management depends on two broad aspects: KM solutions and KM foundations, which together enable KM to impact the organisation’s people, processes, products and performance. In South Africa, there are several insurance companies that have or could implement a knowledge management solution. Select one of the insurance companies in South Africa to demonstrate your understanding and application of theory when answering the following questions:

Q.2.1     Recommend a KM infrastructure for the insurance company.  (25)

Q.2.2     Discuss the impact KM could have on the insurance company’s processes.  (15)

Answers to Above Questions on Information and Knowledge Management

Answer 1: 

The business selected for the purpose of analysing different important concepts of Information and knowledge management is Shoprite Holdings. Shoprite Holdings is one of the largest Supermarket retailers in Africa that has more than 2989 stores. The important concepts in relation to separate holdings are discussed as follows:
1) Intellectual capital: Intellectual capital is defined as the intangible assets of an organisation that help in achieving competitive advantage. It can be in the form of employees’ knowledge, skills or any proprietary information that helps in achieving better efficiency in organisations performance. In relation to Shoprite Holding, the main intellectual capital of the company is…..


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