Question One:
A user is complaining about their PC being relatively slow as of recent, explain to the user how defragmentation can assist them in speeding up their computer. [5 Marks]
What is the difference between software registration and product activation? [5 Marks]
Why is spam potentially dangerous? Provide a scenario as an example to substantiate your answer.
[5 Marks]
Define the term, digital security risks, and briefly describe the types of cybercriminals. [5 Marks]
Discuss techniques to prevent unauthorized computer access and use. [5 Marks]
Discuss how encryption, digital signatures, and digital certificates work [15 Marks]
Question Two:
Explain to a user what encryption is, the benefit of encryption when sending a message and the types of encryptions used. [ 15 Marks]
With load shedding becoming an ongoing issue in South Africa, explain to a client the importance of backing up their data and recommend one type of backup that you think is suitable and why for them to keep their data safe from unexpected loss due to load shedding. [10 Marks]
Advise five ways in which companies can incorporate green computing into their business.[5 marks]
Question Three:
What are some common digital security risks? [4 Marks]
How does a hacker differ from a cracker? [4 Marks]
What steps can you take to secure your wireless network? [4 Marks]
How does unauthorized access differ from unauthorized use? [4 Marks]
Describe the benefits of solid state drives over traditional mechanical drives. [4 Marks]

Answers to Above Questions on Information Technology

Answer 1: It is possible to achieve improvement over the speed and performance of a computer by way of following the process of defragmentation. Defragmentation helps in reorganising the fragmented file by arranging them in an orderly way and this allows the hard drive of the computer to access the file in a more efficient way resulting in better speed and performance.


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