Influence of project communication management on success of digital literacy programme in Western Kenya

Effective communication in project management is dependent on ability of various stakeholders  involved in the project being able to understand language and communication context. This may entail employing different communication techniques, subject intended, purpose of communication and the parties targeted in the communication (Rodriguez, 2017). According to Rodriguez, whose views are accommodated in this study accommodation communication theory plays a role in the intergroup and interpersonal cues of communication and how dominance and power may influence the communication pattern among different project stakeholders. Project team members are expected to adapt to their communication by adopting communication methods that facilitate effective communication to message recipients and feedback too. Communication methods between say project managers of different projects, customers, stakeholders and sponsors should suit the recipient. Communication is the heart of implemented projects, where project managers spend 90% of their time communicating with project participants and it’s critical that barriers occurring during this significant process of transferring project information are carefully planned and managed (Taleb, Ismail, Wahab, Mardiah, Rani & Amat, 2017). The project communication management processes identified from reviewed literature under consideration are communication planning, managing communication and controlling communication (PMI, 2013; Perumal & Bakar, 2011; Culo & Skendrovic, 2010)

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According to PMI (2013), Project communication management includes the process required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage and ultimate disposition of project information. The project communication management processes provide the critical link among people and information that are necessary for successful communication. Everyone involved in the project should understand how communication affect the project (PMI, 2013) and project manager responsible for managing communication with the project team and their stakeholders. This research adds value to researches made on project communication management by focusing on the process. According to the PMBOK guide (2014) Communication management plan and organisational process assets are two major inputs for management of stakeholders.

Further the PMBOK guide summarizes the project communication management processes into managing communications plan (identifying stakeholders and developing an appropriate plan for communication needs for them), managing communications (timely and appropriate collection, creation, distribution, storage, and retrieval of project information) and monitoring communications (meeting project information and stakeholders’ needs).

Muluka, K.O., Mukanzi, C.M. and Paul, S.N.A. (2021). Influence of Project Communication Management on Success of Digital

Literacy Programme in Western Kenya. Available from 1.April-2021.pdf)

Answer ALL the questions in this section.

Question 1          (10 Marks)

In light of the case study above, identify and present the processes of project communication management. Justify your answer with solid arguments.

Question 2          (10 Marks)

Critique the importance of project communication management during a project execution and the meaning of communication to implemented projects.

Question 3          (10 Marks)

Analyse the above case study, discuss the determinants of effective communication and the role of project teams in the communication management process during project execution.

Answers to Above Questions on Project Management

Communication management is highly essential in the case of managing a project because there are many stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the project and it is important to communicate with each and every stakeholder in order to achieve the project goals efficiently. There are several processes of project communication and these include timely and appropriate generation of information, collection, dissemination, storage and ultimate disposition of project information. In the given project on digital literacy program in Western Kenya, the important processes of project communication management includes……

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