Question 1 [10]
Each of the following sub-questions contains one statement but with multiple possible answers. Only one of the answers is correct. Read each statement very carefully and then decide which one of the options is the correct one. In your assignment answer book, write down only the sub-question number and next to it the letter that represents the answer you have selected.
Example: If you believe that for Sub-Question 1.11, Option E is correct, and then write down 1.11. E.
Data type and description are examples of .
A) metadata
B) a column
C) rows
D) database

A) Voice
C) VoInternet

allows team members to use the Internet to have telephone

D) Version control
Matty sends out an email to all team members at the same time, with attachments to be reviewed and commented on. This is an example of workflow.
A) simple
B) parallel
C) linear
D) sequential
If your organisation uses version management without control, there can be
version(s) of documents.
A) incompatible
B) only one
C) content
D) management
Determining the best mix of products to sell in the European market is an example of a(n) decision.
A) structured
B) managerial
C) unstructured
D) operational

Storing documents on servers is a better choice than emails because documents are:
A) version-controlled.
B) in a single storage place.
C) stored as smaller files.
D) retrieved faster.

Ad hoc work groups are collaboration groups.
A) one-time
B) individual
C) restricted
D) independent

occurs when team members review each other’s work.
A) Feedback
B) Iteration
C) Content
D) Workflow

1.9. Edgar created a list of questions and the other team members responded to his
A) discussion forum
B) conference call
C) wiki
D) team survey
1.10 decisions are broader in scope and concern long-term organisational issues.
A) Strategic
B) Tactical
C) Managerial
D) Operational

Question 2 [10]
Consider the following list of statements. Each statement is either true or false. You must read each statement carefully and then select the option that you believe is correct as your answer.
In your answer book, write down only the question number and next to the number either True or False.
Example: If you believe Sub-Question 2.11 is true, then write down: 2.11 True
Application programs process logic that is specific to a given business need. (1)
One of the uses of the application program is that the application program serves as an intermediary between the web server and the database. (1)
The lost-update problem can be prevented by a type of locking which must be used to coordinate the activities of users who know nothing about one another. (1)
E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services exclusively over public computer networks. (1)
Merchant companies sell services provided by others. (1)
In B2C e-commerce, sales are made between companies. (1)
A terabyte is larger than a petabyte in terms of computer storage. (1)
A typical low-resolution photograph is equal to 1 terabyte. (1)
Systems development has a broader scope than computer program development. (1)
Information systems involve people and procedures, so they can never be off-the-shelf.

Question 3 [30]
What are the management advantages of outsourcing? (5)
How can outsourcing reduce risk? (7)
What are the popular outsourcing alternatives? (7)
Describe in brief the risks related to the loss of control that may result from outsourcing
Outsourcing does not offer the hiring company an easy exit from the agreement with the vendor. Why? (4)

Question 4 [20]
Describe the functions of a database management system. (8)
Provide the definition of SQL. (3)
What is a database application? (4)
Briefly describe the elements of a database application. (5)

Question 5 [30]
In this question, you need to make use of the following academic article: Gardner, S.R. 1998. Building the data warehouse. Communications of the ACM, 41(9):52–60. The article can be found on Google Scholar and at the end of your assignment. Answer the following questions based on the article.
What are the main concerns of scalability? (3)
List and explain the framework for successfully implementing a data warehouse. (9)
The framework that was explained in 5.2 has specific purposes. List each of the purposes related to the framework. (5)
A catalogue is required to fulfil the function of a warehouse. List the things a catalogue can do to manage information. (13)

Answers to above questions on Information Management

Answer 1: Data types and description are examples of metadata because metadata is explained as data that describes about other data. They are good at explaining relationships between data elements.


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