Question 1

According to the dependency theory, what are some of the causes of inequalities between African and European countries? Substantiate your discussion with examples from your own observation. (5)
Discuss the major criticisms against dependency theory. Substantiate your discussion with suitable examples. (5)
Discuss differences between global and local PR and provide examples of organisations that practise global and local PR in South Africa. (5)

Question 2

2.1 Ethics in PR therefore remains an important issue to consider. Discuss any five of the six values in codes of ethics proposed by Taylor and Yang (2014:549). [15]

Question 3

Visit the Unilever website and answer the following questions:

Which of the global PR strategies does the Coca-Cola website use? Substantiate your discussion with examples from the website. (5)

Describe glocalisation and state whether Coca-Cola applies this concept in developing websites for different countries. Substantiate your discussion with examples from the website. (5)


Technical presentation

Use the following as a checklist for technical presentation:

• Have you included a declaration as a first page to your assignment? Have you and a witness signed your declaration? (Or have you provided the names of your witness/es if you submitted the assignment online?) (1)

• Have you included a table of contents with headings and the correct levels of headings? (2)
• Have you included an introduction and a conclusion? (5)

• Have you correctly cited (referenced) the discussion with the correct in-text references? (1)

• Have you included a list of sources consulted at the end of your assignment? (1)

Answers to Above Questions on African and European Countries

Answer 1: There are significant differences between the African and European countries, and this indicates the presence of inequalities between these countries. An analysis of the causes of such differences can be possible using dependency theory which explains the underdevelopment that is faced by developing economies as compared to developed economies. The major reason for the difference is because European countries utilize labour and resources from African countries in order to gain their personal benefit, and they overlooked the development of African countries.

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