Higher education institutions are responsible for producing graduates who have the right attributes required for the workplace. As such, they find themselves under pressure to produce graduates who are not only employable, but who meet employer requirements.
In essay format, you are required to:
• Discuss the different forms of generic, transferable or core attributes needed to address the skills gap that currently exists in your industry or sector of work.
• Discuss how the abovementioned will help / assist with employer satisfaction and enhance graduate employability. (40 marks)

Answers to Above Question

A candidate is required to have sufficient skills and knowledge in order to perform effectively over the job. It is the responsibility of Higher Education Institutions to develop efficient skills and knowledge within their students so that they can out perform at the job. It is important to have different types of generic, transferable or core attributes in order to address the skills gap. In respect to my sector of Human Resource Management, the generic, transferable or core attribute required in a candidate includes ……

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