Question 1:

Teamwork forms an integral part of todays working environment. A company cannot become successful by relying solely on the work of any single employee, regardless of how competent or efficient they are (Maxwell, 2022). While teamwork is highly valued, there are serious implications for the productivity of any company when a member of one of its teams fails to cooperate. In order to be a team player, numerous interpersonal skills must be developed.

Civin, A., Huxtable, B., Anderson, W., Hopkins, B., Ramhurry, C., Shelton, S. 2019. Professional skills for the fourth industrial revolution. Cape Town. Edge Learning Media.


• With the above extract in mind and the knowledge that you have gained throughout the duration of your studies about teamwork, compile a professional and aptly written research essay to show your understanding of the interpersonal skills that are important for effective teamwork in the marketing department and working environment.

• Provide practical examples throughout of the benefits of interpersonal skills as well as the negative effects of not having good interpersonal skills in the marketing space and overall working environment to further support and strengthen your essay.

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Answer 1: Interpersonal skills are highly essential while working in teams, and it is applicable in all departments including the marketing department and working environment. Interpersonal skills can be applied in the form of establishing effective communication with all the employees in the team, by way of working in collaboration with all the team members, actively involving in conflict management by way of responding to issues in a calm and respectful way, makes use of emotional intelligence, and flexible enough to adjust as perfect team requirement. These interpersonal skills are highly important for effective teamwork in the marketing department.

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