As an HR practitioner, you know that succession planning is closely tied to leadership development. Hence, you have been given training and on-the-job experience to prepare you for this post for the past couple of years that you have worked for the university.

Discuss the benefits of succession planning and then examine the five steps of the process to discuss the criteria that you think your manager and the university are applying to assess your readiness for this position and whether you think this process is effective.


Now that you have considered the criteria that the university and your manager may have applied to place you in this position and the effectiveness of succession planning, you should think about and plan ahead for your position and career as the new manager.

Using the career planning process, examine where you are in your career and demonstrate where this undertaking fits in your career plan, consider:

• Your values, skills and interests, and what type of manager you will be;
• The life, work and learning options that will be available for to you and how you can use the options to make you a better manager;
• Whether this change will fit with your personal circumstances; and
• The manner in which you will fine-tune your work and learning plans to help you manage the changes in your life and the world of work.


You have now discussed your career and now need to think about the type of leader you will be and how effective you will be, as a manager, in the department.

Select a leadership style, which you think best describes you, and then give three reasons why you think this style of leadership will ensure efficiency in the university and in your department.

Note: In your reasoning, highlight any reward and remuneration that you will propose in future to increase your department and the university’s efficiency.

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Management

Answer 1: Succession planning is an important responsibility of human resource management of an organisation. Success and planning is all about making sure that that is sufficient and capable human resource available to fill up the key leadership position within the organisation. There are various benefits of succession planning and the most significant one is the efficient leadership transition through well planned succession planning. Another major benefit is in the form of reduced overall cost in managing the employees and better organisation performance because of skilled managers to carry over the business processes.


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