Question 1 (60 Marks)

Complete the three (3) prescribed readings below before following the instructions on page five (5) of this assessment brief.
A. Read and consider Units 1 – 4 (chapters 1 – 7) of your prescribed textbook.

B. Read and consider Figure 1 below (constructs from the figure are discussed throughout units 1 – 4 in your textbook).
C. Read through and explore the News24 story: Transnet declares force majeure at ports over (06 October 2022). Retrieved from strike-20221006 [Accessed 11 September 2023.

The reading above (C) shows that strike action is one workplace occasion that exposes HR roles, tensions and ambiguities as the HR department has to reconcile the interests of various groups. Figure 1 (page 4 below) depicts sources of pressure that regulate human resources action in dealing with the strike action in relation to the case study.

Question 1 (60 Marks)

Consider the issue of the Transnet strike action. Use the elements in Figure 1 to analyse the Transnet strike situation and explain the actions that the Human Resources (HR) department should take to satisfy the following:
HR manager tasks;
Professional norms;
. (50 Marks).

Some employers see considerable benefits from operating with trade unions in the workplace.
In light of recent events at Transnet, comment on the following statement:

The company’s dealing with unionised labour contributes to stability in the workplace.

Provide a detailed explanation to support your argument.(10 Marks)

Question 2 (20 Marks)
In your own words:

2.1. Advise HR and Line managers on the advantages and disadvantages of the full devolution of responsibility in an organisation (10 Marks).

2.2 Elaborate on how devolutions contribute to organisational efficiency. (10 Marks)

Question 3 (20 Marks)
Below is an extract from an article. It is recommended to read the entire article for better understanding: Armstrong, M., & Brown, D. 2019. Strategic Human Resource Management: back to the future. Institute for Employment Studies reports, 1(1), 1-36.

The process of formulating an HR strategy involves generating strategic options and then making appropriate strategic choices. It was noted by Cappelli (1999: 8) that: ‘The choice of practices that an employer pursues is heavily contingent on a number of factors at the organisational level, including their own business and production strategies, support of HR policies, and cooperative labour relations.’ It is necessary to adopt a contingent approach in generating strategic HRM options and then making appropriate strategic choices. There is seldom, if ever, one right way forward.

In line with the contingency approach to HR strategy choices:

Describe a fitting context/situation where applying contingency strategic human resources management (SHRM) approaches is justifiable. (10 marks)
Discuss the organisational factors that influence adopting contingency strategic human resources management (SHRM) approaches in a South African organisation you are familiar with. Use examples where necessary to reinforce the discussion. (10 marks).

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Management

Answer 1: The role of human resource management is significant in managing the human resources in an organisation. In the given case study of transnet strike action, it is the Human Resource Department that has to undertake several tasks in order to ensure the successful operations are being carried out. The Human Resource Department has the responsibility towards performing the tasks, achieving professional standards, and complying with all the legislations.

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