Question 1 (30 Marks)
Discuss whether the adoption of a strategic human resources approach would enhance the competitive capability of your selected organisation. Provide appropriate recommendations for improvement of your organisations’ approach to strategic human resource management.

Question 2 (30 Marks)
Human resource development (HRD) practitioners are required to execute a variety of roles in a constantly evolving work environment. Highlight the emerging workplace trends and the implications for the roles performed by HRD professionals and the outputs achieved by each role. You may use examples to support your answer.

Question 3 (20 Marks)
Assuming that organisational performance is less than satisfactory at the selected organisation, motivate for the investment in human resource development processes and practices.
Question 4 (20 Marks)
Discuss the impact of the following challenges for organisations and HRD professionals. You may use examples to support your responses.
i. Competing in a global
ii. Eliminating the skills gap
iii. Increasing workforce diversity
iv. The need for lifelong learning
v. Facilitating organisational learning

Answers to the Above Questions on Human Resource Development

Answer 1: Human resource management is one of the most important functions in an organisation, and it is the HR manager that is responsible for managing the human resources in an organisation. Modern day HR managers are required to strategically manage the human resources in order to achieve competitive advantage to effective utilisation of their efforts towards accomplishing organisational goals. In the case of the selected organisation that is Shoprite Holdings, the adoption of a strategic human resource approach would definitely enhance the competitive capability of the organisation.


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