At PQR Consulting, the management team conducts a thorough assessment of their employees’ learning needs and skill levels through surveys and performance evaluations. Armed with this information, they design a comprehensive training program that offers a variety of learning methods and resources, ensuring that each employee can learn and grow at their own pace. By tailoring the training program to their diverse workforce, PQR Consulting fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional development, leading to increased employee engagement and improved business outcomes.

Question 1 (20 marks)
As the HRD Manager at PQR consulting, critically analyse the different training methodologies, tools, and techniques that can be utilised to address the diverse needs of employees and enhance their learning experience.
Your analysis should address the following elements:
• The effect of training on employee performance.
• Five (5) key ideas that support the above discussion.

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Development

Answer 1: It is important to maintain a diverse workforce considering the advantages associated with it, and the business environment condition that is prevailing worldwide today. In efficiently managing a divorce workforce, there are different training methodologies, tools and techniques that need to be considered by an organisation in order to achieve effectiveness in managing a diversified workforce. The important methods that a HRD manager at PQR consulting can employ in managing a diversified workforce are discussed as follows:

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