Neil Tim is the new Chief Marketing Officer at the Cavendish Mall in Cape Town. He has a passion for technological innovation. Six months in his new role, he has made significant contributions to the busy malls transformation objectives. After the COVID- 19 lockdown restrictions, more customers have moved to the online shopping space. Even though online shopping has increased, customers visit online shops but purchase in-store. Neil plans to develop a new application that can be used by customers who visit the mall and those searching for information online. Customers should be able to see shops within the mall, promotions available at the mall, parking availability at any point in time, trading hours, and the mall layout to locate shops. The collected data on customer searches will be analysed for service improvement. A map should be added to direct customers to the mall from any location. Some project information, like store offerings, will be collected from shop owners during the project.
The software project team is composed of developers who will be working from Cape Town, Gauteng, and Durban. The project duration is six months.
Answer the following questions based on this case study.

Question 1 (8 Marks)

According to The Checklist Manifesto, mentioned in the textbook, software development projects can be categorised into three types (or can be a mixture of the three types) due to the level of endeavours. Identify and describe the type of software development project.
Question 2 (27 Marks)

a) What is the best project approach to be used in this project, and why? With the aid of a diagram, please give a detailed discussion of this approach and its steps. (7 marks)
b) Explain diagrammatically the methodology you have chosen. Also, explain the steps involved in this methodology. (12 marks)

c) Discuss what challenges you are likely to encounter using this development methodology. (8 marks)

Question 3 (15 marks)

A Project charter is a crucial high-level document that commences any project. Design a charter for the Cavendish Mall project using elements of a project charter.
Question 4 (20 Marks)

a) Discuss the roles of eight (8) business stakeholders involved in this software development project.
(16 marks)
a) Which roles are usually internal and external in a software development project? (4 marks)

Question 5 (10 marks)

It is vital that all project planning is documented. Even after detailed project planning documentation, several challenges may delay the project’s start. Elaborate on “the chicken and the egg” problem as a challenge that may delay this software development project start.

Question 6 (10 marks)

Provide reasons to the leadership why the pilot approach would be ideal for a software development project and explain why some software projects do not require a pilot.

Question 7 (10 Marks)

Budgeting is a crucial element of any project life cycle, where cost estimates are made for each project activity. From the budgeting types you have learned, evaluate the types of budgeting that use historical data.

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Answer 1: Software is defined as a set of instructions or programs that provide instruction to computers on what needs to be done. There are different types of software development projects, and some of the basic ones include front end development and back end development, operating systems development, API development, software tools development, security software development, mobile application development and web development. Based on the types of software, they can be categorized into three main categories such as system software, utility software and applications software.

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