Question 1 [28 Marks]

Briefly explain the three components that form the sociological imagination.(6 Marks)

In your own words, identify and briefly describe the important theories that Durkheim used to explain how traditional and modern societies have evolved and functioned. (12 Marks)

In the South African context, explain why an understanding of cultural diversity is important for a manager. (10 Marks)

Question 2 [28 Marks]

In your own words, briefly explain the concept of society. (3 Marks)

Explain the concept of social institution. (3 Marks)

Identify and explain the three categories of formal organisations, and provide and example of each organisation (12 Marks)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of bureaucracies in contemporary nations? Provide three strengths and two weaknesses. (10 Marks)

Question 3 [30 Marks]

Deferentiate between authority and coercion. (4 Marks)

Identify and describe the different power structures operating in the world today.(12 Marks)

Describe what a Monarchy is and provide any three countries where monarchies exist today. (5 Marks)

How does the modern state differ from the feudal society? (4 Marks)

Explain the effects of unemployment on society. (5 Marks)

Question 4 [14 Marks]

Describe how advanced mediccal technology has changed the practice of medicine and the cost of health services (5 Marks)

Discuss pharmaceutical companies’ two main techniques to sell their products and services. (4 Marks)

The revenues generated from alcohol advertisements are important to the South African economy. A limit or an out-right ban on these advertisement could lead to a loss of jobs and negatively impact the economy.
Briefly provide an argument for and against the banning of alcohol advertisements.

Answers to Above Questions on Socio Economics

Answer 1: Sociological imagination is an important term in the field of sociology and it is highly useful in understanding social reality. In respect to the important components of sociological imagination, there are three important components, and these include history, biography and social structure. An analysis of all these important components of sociological imagination is performed as follows:

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