Question 1 (38 marks)
As a project manager, briefly discuss the metrics you would use to ensure the success of a project. (8 marks)

Describe each of the McCall’s Software quality factors in detail, provide an example of an application and explain how each of the quality factors can be used to test the application. (30 marks)

Question 2 (41 marks)
The Stellenbosch clinic handles patient registration and monitoring manually. The current manual system requires the receptionist to fill out a form to register new patients manually. However, this practice necessitates a highly structured document management system for ease of reference, error checking, and retrieval efficiency. Most of the time, the receptionist takes an extremely long time to register or track patients. This is primarily because the receptionist must search through a large number of physical files before finding the correct ones.

The current system’s disadvantage is that it is extremely difficult to manage the entire system manually. In addition, it is less efficient than a computerized system. Keeping data in files for safety and future reference could be harmful because the files can be easily destroyed. Furthermore, data retrieval is complicated. It is also difficult to achieve data redundancy, leading to significant inconsistencies. The manual system is also very time-consuming. One of the primary advantages of the proposed system is its simplicity of operation. The proposed system is also fast and highly accurate compared to the existing system. It is also worth noting that the proposed system makes no provision for redundancy. The data is securely stored and can be retrieved and used at any time.

The proposed system will effectively be able to handle all data and all work currently performed by the manual system. The proposed system will greatly reduce the current system’s problems while also providing tight data security. The receptionist’s workload will be reduced as a result of the implementation of this system. The receptionist will not have to sift through numerous files to find the necessary documents. Furthermore, the system is expected to reduce the use of paper and the time required to go through all files.

Perform a feasibility study for the proposed system. (12 marks)

Among the several information requirements gathering techniques available to you as a business analyst. Identify and justify the most suitable information requirement technique for this case. (4 marks)
List and describe four potential functionalities and four system requirements. (8 marks)

List five (5) stakeholders who will be involved in the proposed system. (5 marks)

Using examples, describe six (6) design considerations you will keep in mind during development. (12 marks)

Question 3 (21 marks)

Mobile banking has evolved due to the massive increase in mobile phone penetration worldwide. However, this has resulted in significant social change in how we approach things. It has changed the banking culture in Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, India, and South America.

Identify any three actors in a mobile banking system. (3 marks)

Create a use case diagram for the aforementioned system. Your use case diagram should have four actors (three actors identified in question 3.1 and an additional actor you had not included). (8 marks)

Create a sequence diagram for the preceding case. The sequence diagram should be aligned with the use case diagram in question 3.2. (10 marks)

Rubric for sequence diagram:

Sequence Diagram The     diagram contains              the following symbols           and components:

1 mark – actor 1 mark- lifeline

1       mark       – activity bar

1       mark       – message



Constructed process modelling diagrams clearly fit the proposed system design.

– 5/6 marks

The    diagram contains                the following symbols            and components:

1 mark – actor 1 mark- lifeline

1 mark – activity bar

1 mark – message




Constructed process modelling diagrams mostly fit the proposed system design – 3/4marks

The     diagram contains      the following symbols            and components:

1 mark – actor



1 mark- lifeline


1 mark – activity bar 1 mark – message



Constructed process modelling diagrams somewhat fit the

proposed           system design – 1/2 mark

The     diagram contains     the following symbols     and components:

1 mark – actor 1 mark- lifeline

1 mark – activity bar

1 mark – message




Constructed process modelling diagrams do not fit the          proposed system design – 0 marks

Answers to Above Questions on System Analysis and Design

Answer 1: Project metrics plays an important role in determining the overall performance of a project. Some of the important metrics that can be utilised in order to judge the overall performance of a project includes the timeline of the project, the possibility of the project to be completed within specified budget, the requirements are met in the form of quality specified being accomplished, and proper completion of projects within specific time, budget and specifications.

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