You have been appointed as an IHRM Consultant to a large multi- national company (MNC). In view of the high failure rate of expatriates, one of the important mandates is for you to devise a recruitment and selection policy for the MNC. Devise this policy and in your response pay particular attention to the following:-

Examine why MNC’s have high failure rates of expatriates and recommend what factors should be considered when drawing up the policy for the recruitment and selection of expatriates. (50)

What should the company do for the expatriate and the family by way of pre-departure preparation? (25)

Create an induction programme for expatriates. (25)

Answer to Above Question on Expatriate Management

The recruitment of expatriates is a challenging task for international human resource management consultants because of several complexities available with their management. There is a higher failure rate of expatriates identified in case of MNC’s and this requires proper policy with respect to recruitment and selection of expatriates to ensure their effective management.


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