You have been appointed at City of Tshwane as a human resources manager for the next three years. Budget has been allocated to your department for the learning programs to be conducted at your workplace and the municipality has the world class training facilities. Connectivity is also one of the best in enhancing training.
The employees have not been performing efficiently and not being able to meet the deadlines with different tasks. Most employees cannot work harmoniously together, and they cannot function appropriately in teams/group. Top management is male dominated, and they discriminate against people with disabilities. The recruitment officers do not employ new graduates and people of different ethnic group. The customers of the city have sent numerous complaints to head of customer services and the complaint letter has reached the mayoral office.


1. For effectiveness and efficiency of the learning programs to be incorporated, the City of Tshwane will need to design and implement various human resource development interventions. Recommend various guidelines that could be used by the City of Tshwane when designing and implementing various human resource development interventions. [15 marks]

2. Discuss how might learning and development activities contribute to the City of Tshwane’s business strategy? What do you think should be the objectives of learning and development interventions? [10 marks]

3. Advise on the various mechanisms to deliver HRD interventions and which one/s you think would be the most appropriate mechanisms through which the city of Tshwane will need to deliver their own HRD interventions? [15 marks]

4. Technology has impacted on various organisations HR activities including employee training and development. Discuss how e-learning, competency frameworks and improved knowledge-sharing at the City of Tshwane might help to cut costs and make the HRD activity at the City of Tshwane more strategic. [15]

Answers to Above Questions on HRD

Answer 1: There are certain important guidelines that need to be followed by the city of Tshwane in order to implement effective human resource development. Some of these include performing an assessment of employees and organisation in order to determine the highly efficient HRD intervention. It is also important to identify the specific objective that needs to be accomplished and based on that, an implementation plan can be designed with respect to HRD interventions.


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