QUESTION 1 (27 Marks)
The process of human resource management is much wider than simply the design of personnel programmes.

Is the above statement True or False? (1 mark)

Support your answer for question 1.1 by either providing evidence in support of (if the statement is true) or evidence refuting (if the statement is false) the statement. (6 marks)

The contemporary era of HRM began in the late 1920s and was characterised by an increased concern for the human element in management.
Identify and discuss the research done by Elton Mayo and others during the early emergence of HRM. (15 marks)

As the manager of ABC Construction, you have instructed your personal assistant to place an advertisement on the online recruitment site Pnet, in order to recruit a human resource manager for the company.
List five (5) skills you would include in the advert, that which you would expect from a human resource manager. (5 marks)

QUESTION 2 (29 Marks)
Explain the importance of line managers and human resource managers working together during conflict resolution. (5 marks)

As the manager of ABC Construction, you are familiar with all three levels of strategic planning.
In table format, outline the differences between the business level strategy and the functional level strategy of ABC Construction, to your newly appointed human resources practitioner. Your answer must relate to ABC Construction.
(12 marks)

Describe two (2) practical ways in which HRM can add value to ABC Construction. (4 marks)

Identify and discuss the four (4) fundamental areas affected by succession planning in an organisation such as ABC Construction. (8 marks)

QUESTION 3 (18 Marks)
Read the scenario below and answer the question to follow:

A position is available in your construction company for a receptionist, based in Rivonia, Johannesburg and is full-time, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
The applicant must have a minimum qualification of a matric certificate, a certificate in first aid is a recommendation. Previous experience is an advantage. Computer knowledge of MS Office and the internet is a prerequisite. The applicant must have excellent communication, organisational and interpersonal skills, must be able to multitask, and must be able to take initiative and have problem-solving abilities when the need arises. Daily tasks will involve meeting and greeting of clients, answering and forwarding phone calls, responding to and sending out e-mails, sorting and distributing post, arranging couriers and booking meetings.

Using the AIDA formula, and considering the above requirements for a receptionist, construct an advertisement to be placed in your local newspaper to advertise for the above position.

QUESTION 4 (13 Marks)
Read the scenario below and answer the question to follow:

Your advert to fill the vacancy for a post for a receptionist for ABC Construction was successful, and after a week of interviewing potential candidates, you have short-listed five candidates for the position.

Briefly explain the evaluation process of the candidates, after the conduction of the interviews. (8 marks)

You have filled the position and appointed a receptionist for ABC Construction. Summarise the important information necessary in a letter of appointment to confirm a candidate’s successful application. (5 marks)
QUESTION 5 (13 Marks)
Read the scenario below and answer the questions to follow:

The receptionist you recently hired has settled in well and is friendly and professional with the employees at ABC Construction. A few complaints, however, from external suppliers and contractors on being put on hold for too long, or being transferred to the incorrect department, has been red flagged.

In your own words, supply a brief description of the objectives of an induction programme and why an effective induction programme is important. (4 marks)

List the four (4) important contributions that a supervisor should adopt to help a new employee settle into the organisation. (4 marks)

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, operational requirements of the company declined and termination of some of their employee’s contracts were inevitable. Explain five (5) steps that the organisation should undertake after the retrenchments. (5 marks)

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Answer 1: The above statement is true which implies that the process of human resource management is much wider than simply the design of personnel programmes.

The modern day human resource managers are required to perform a number of functions and it is not simply limited to the design of personal programmes. They are required to strategically make decisions, and make use of information technology in not only nurturing the existing employees, but also make future planning to make sure that sufficient human resources are made available when needed.


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