Part 1 — Importance of customer service at the service desk (Marks: 40)

Q.1.1 Evaluate the company’s ability to start a service desk for their employees.

You have been hired to set up a service desk for the company’s employees using a newly introduced sales ordering and product manufacturing system. The company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) has expressed interest in using a best practice framework such as ITIL ® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Do desktop research on ITIL and prepare a presentation about your findings, including an overview of ITIL, its books for certifications, its history, and
its primary benefits. (20)

Q.1.2 Calculation of cost for service desk implementation.

Perform a cost-benefit analysis and call it “Shopping around.” Think of a service desk company as identified in Q.1.1. Complete the following steps:

(1) Document the goal you are trying to achieve.
(2) Produce a table that lists all the costs (purchase price, monthly service fee, time to set up, etc.) and the benefits of two or more of the products you want to purchase.
(3) Analyse the costs and benefits and select a product.
(4) Document the reason for your decision. (20)

Part 2 — Assessment of change (Marks: 60)
For part 1, you were asked to help set up a service based on ITIL procedures and help the company
with the cost associated with such a process. Part 2 continues with the scenario from part 1 to ensure that you reflect on the processes required to start the service desk.

Q.2.1 Access impact of change.

Since you helped set up the service desk and drafted the cost analysis, you have been promoted to the company’s change manager. The company now wants to do business entirely via the Internet. The head development engineer calls you to (10)

indicate that he wants to make a small change to one of the programs that control the shopping cart application used to conduct e-commerce. He indicates that he has tested the change on his system, and it worked fine. Using a scale from low to high, write a report explaining what risk and impact you would assign
to this change and why.
Q.2.2 Outsourcing Desktops department.

The company decided not to manufacture desktops as the cost of parts went up. They have decided to outsource the desktop department. Search the web to locate two companies that provide service desk outsourcing. For each company, summarise in a few paragraphs what you learned about its performance management program from the website.

In your summary, include the answers to such questions as:
(1) Does the company appear to use any of the techniques discussed in Chapter 6 of the recommended textbook to measure overall team performance?
(2) Does it give any indication of how it measures the performance of individual staff members?
(3) How does it measure customer satisfaction?
(4) Can you determine from the company’s website if the company addresses all the performance characteristics (efficiency, effectiveness, and quality)? (30)

Q.2.3 Your Interview as a Service Desk Manager

You are a Service Desk Manager and the interviewer has prepared the questions below. Kindly answer these questions:
• How do you measure the performance of your team?
o Overall?
o Individually?
• Do you feel you have all the information needed to, for example, justify resources, enhance productivity, and evaluate performance? If not, why? (10)

• How do you communicate the contribution of your team to the organisation’s goals to upper management?
• How do you communicate your contribution to the organisation’s goals to upper management?
• Summarise any conclusions you can draw from this discussion about the
importance of using information as a resource.

Q.2.4 Marketing is the new way of doing business online.

You want to use social media to communicate with your customers. Search the web for information about how to create a social media policy. Prepare a presentation for the service desk team that includes the following:
• Typical responsibilities, policies, and procedures contained in a social media policy;
• Critical considerations for using social media at work; and
• What to do when you are unsure if a post, comment, or video is acceptable. (10)

Answers to Above Questions on Customer Service

Answer 1: 

Information Technology infrastructure library is an important framework that is highly useful in standardising the IT processes in an organisation. It is mainly utilised by businesses in order to standardise the selection, planning, delivery, and entire life cycle of IT services.


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