Extant literature shows that majority of construction projects are completed over schedule. Failure to complete the construction project on time often results to additional costs incurred. Therefore, it is essential to ensure construction projects are completed on schedule to avoid additional costs.
Conduct research on the causes of construction project schedule overruns in South Africa or Africa and provide recommendations on how schedule overruns can be alleviated.

Answer 1:

Construction projects are usually larger ones and require a lot of time, money and effort. It is important to do proper planning in advance by considering various factors so that there are no such chances of project schedule overruns. However, in case of South African construction projects, it is identified that the problem of construction project schedule overruns is a major problem, and it leads to additional cost and time to complete the project. Some of the major reasons for which the construction project schedule overruns in South Africa are in appropriate planning, design errors, under estimation of time required to complete the construction project and many such factors.

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