Question 1: ABC Manufacturing is a medium-sized company that produces industrial machinery. Due to its recent expansion, the company is now seeking to hire an operations manager who can oversee its production process and maintain the highest level of quality control. *Fictitious scenario

Identify the essential skills that the operations manager should possess in order to effectively manage the operations of ABC Manufacturing.

Question 2: (4 Marks)
Differentiate between external and international benchmarking.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Management

Answer 1: An operations manager is responsible for managing the operational activities of an organisation. In the given case scenario of ABC manufacturing, it is important that the operation manager should have certain important skills in order to perform the management of operations of the company in an effective way. As the company is performing expansion, the operation manager is required to make strategic decisions, and this requires the operations manager to be good enough in thinking strategically. Apart from this, the operation managers should have quality control abilities, and good communication skills, as the operation manager is required to communicate with many employees in the organisation. The operation manager should be able to manage people efficiently, as this would be an important requirement expected from an operations manager.

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