One of the most recognizable motorcycle brands in the world is Harley Davidson. When riding it, people carry pride with them.
With its amazing methods of promoting and managing its products for clients, it has been on the market for more than 110 years and continues to grow every year.
American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, Inc. was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903. It was one of the two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, along with Indian.
The business has dealt with subsidiary agreements, periods of weak economic performance and subpar product quality, different ownership structures, and fierce international rivalry. As a result, it rose to prominence as one of the biggest motorbike producers in the world and a household name. Its devoted audience is well known.
Worldwide distribution is offered by Harley Davidson. It is well-liked for its design and customizability. Under the Harley-Davidson brand, there are accessories, toys, scale replicas of the company’s motorcycles, home decor and ornaments, accessories, and video games centered on the motorbike line and the great community.
Davidson use both conventional and cutting-edge strategies. In addition, Harley Davidson uses auto and motorcycle events .In Milwaukee, there is a Harley Davidson Museum where the business displays its history and earlier HD motorcycle models. Harley Davidson also holds races, including drag races. For fan engagement, the brand uses digital platforms like social media. On Facebook and Instagram, it has a sizable fan and follower base. Its own website is where customers can learn details about certain models, including their features and costs.
Harley Davidson emphasizes and strives for a specific level of variety in its goods, focusing mostly on heavy-built chassis and huge displacement motors. It has been producing high- quality goods at high expenses, making it a product with a premium pricing while also targeting a specific market or class of customers.
Due to this , the business has even encountered some challenges and experienced red periods in its profit curves, which were overcame through rightsizing and layoffs.
The conclusion is that when it comes to names of premium motorcycles, Harley Davidson has the best positioning. And a significant portion of this premium positioning is made possible by the motorcycle’s pricing.


Critically discuss the four Ps of marketing in light of the case study provided above, and incorporate Harley Davidsons marketing mix as a business in your discussion.
Word count: 400 – 600 words (15)
Discuss the role of digital marketing in the 21st century in the automotive industry.(10) Word count: 400 – 600 words

Steve owns and runs a small take away by himself. His business can be found in
a busy, up and coming neighbourhood. The area has office blocks and a number of apartment buildings a few streets away. His customers generally pick up their orders and leave as he doesn’t have seating space. The business next door, a clothing store is currently having a closing down sale and he has a meeting with the landlord later today. Steve feels that now would be a good time to expand his business.
As a business management major advise Steve on how the macro and market environment could provide opportunities and or threats to his business.
Word count: 300 words

Answers to Above Questions on Harley Davidson Case Study

Answer 1: The marketing mix comprises four P’s of marketing such as product, price, place and promotion. An analysis of the highly Davidson case study by applying the four P’S of marketing is performed as follows:
Product: With respect to the product of Harley Davidson, it is known for high quality motorcycles which are built with heavy chassis and large displacement motors. The main focus of the company is on providing quality products, and Harley Davidson offers quality motorcycles with the options to customise them according to the requirement of the customer.


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