QUESTION 1 (18 Marks)
1.1 The sentences below are in the incorrect order. You need to arrange them in a logical sequence, so that they form a coherent paragraph that makes sense. (8 marks)

• They sit down and decide their menu for the week.
• Grocery shopping is one of the many things Maria and Joe enjoy doing together.
• Maria and Joe are a newly-wed couple.
• They then write a new list with only the ingredients they need to buy for their menu.
• Before they actually go shopping, they write out a grocery list.
• Once the menu is decided, Maria and Joe list the ingredients they need for their menu.
• With the list in hand, they head out to their favourite supermarket.
• With the list complete, they check their grocery cupboard to see what they already have, and cross it off their shopping list.

To ensure that your sentence construction and written expressions are accurate and grammatically correct, knowledge of the different parts of speech is

Examine the sentence provided below and answer the questions that follow:

Once the menu is decided, Maria and Joe list the ingredients they need for their menu.

Identify the following from the sentence provided above:

Two (2) proper nouns. (2 marks)

Two (2) common nouns. (2 marks)

Two (2) pronouns. (2 marks)

Three (3) verbs. (3 marks)

Verbs usually indicate whether a sentence is in the past, present, or future tense.

Specify the tense of the sentence. (1 mark)

QUESTION 2 (17 Marks)
You have been assigned a research essay on the challenges first-year students face at university. You have been instructed to find articles on the topic using Sabinet, a journal article database. Once you’ve written your essay, you need to submit it via ColCampus.

As a 21st century student, you will need to make use of at least three of the six fundamental academic literacies to conduct your research, write the essay and submit it on ColCampus.

Explain how each of the three fundamental academic literacies below will apply to the task assigned to you:

Language literacy (1 mark)

Information literacy (1 mark)

Digital literacy (1 mark)

After typing the keywords of your essay into the Sabinet search function, you are provided with a list of articles that contain the keywords. Although having many articles at your disposal is helpful, it does come with challenges.

Validate the statement above by explaining how having too much information can lead to poor decision making and make you less productive. (6 marks)

Suggest and describe three (3) ways of ensuring that the information researched is used effectively. (8 marks)

As you peruse the list of articles on Sabinet, there is an article you feel might be worth exploring, based on its title. You decide to open it and read the abstract to get a sense of its relevance to the topic.

Below is the author’s information and abstract from the article – use this to answer

Questions 3, 4 and 5.

QUESTION 3 (16 Marks)
Before delving deeper into the article, you remember reading another article that touched on first-year student experiences at university. You need to stimulate your memory and try to recall this article – that is, activate your prior / existing knowledge.

Identify and describe the four (4) processes you will engage in to activate your prior / existing knowledge. (8 marks)

As you read the abstract, you engage in two processes: inferring meaning from the text and clarifying the text.

Explain how the two (2) reading processes specified above (i.e. inferring & clarifying) differ. (2 x 4 marks = 8 marks)

QUESTION 4 (12 Marks)
Texts do not exist in isolation, in other words, every text has a context.

With reference to the four contexts within which texts exist, identify the immediate context of the article, based on the author’s profile information. (1 mark)

As can be seen from the abstract, the author did not present her ideas alone, but drew from other authors / external sources.

Why is it important for the author to note the sources they have consulted and drawn on? (7 marks)

Examine the abstract again and identify four (4) punctuation marks used by the author. (4 marks)

QUESTION 5 (10 Marks)
After reading the abstract you feel that the article is worth reading in full. So, you print it out, as it will be easier to read from a hardcopy than on a computer screen.

To clarify the text and stay actively engaged with it, different forms of annotations may be used.

Provide four (4) types of annotations you will use on your printed / hardcopy article, as you are reading it. (4 marks)

Other than keeping the reader actively engaged, outline other purposes for annotating texts. (6 marks)

QUESTION 6 (27 Marks)
Conveying important messages and information in a written form is an integral part of business practice. Different forms of written documents can be used to communicate different and important information

Study the Scenarios in Column A and match each to the correct Type of business document in Column B. (3 marks)


Dineo is an Academic Literacy (HALP1181) educator. At the end of Semester A 2022, Lerato was asked to produce a Progress Report for that semester. The report was required for pass rate


A.        Project proposal

Dineo’s report indicates that 40% of the Sem. A 2022 students failed HALP1181. Having checked the statistics, Dineo is asked to investigate reasons

for the failure rate and suggest improvements.

B.        Informative report

Imagine you are a social worker at the Department of Social Welfare. You have realised that many women stay in abusive relationships because they have nowhere else to go. You suggest to your manager that local municipalities should consider building shelters specifically for female victims of domestic violence and abuse. Your manager asks you to provide a written document that includes your motivation, budget and other resources required for such shelters, amongst other things. This document

will be presented to the relevant stakeholders.

C.        Analytical report

With reference to their main functions, compare the type of business document created in scenario 6.1.1 with that created in scenario 6.1.3. (15 mark)

When writing the document in scenario 6.1.2, what headings / sections should Dineo include in the document? (9 marks)

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Answer 1:

The sentences are arranged in logical sequence as follows:

  1. Maria and Joe are a newly-wed couple.
  2. Grocery shopping is one of the many things Maria and Joe enjoy doing together.
  3. They sit down and decide their menu for the week.


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